With the harsh rays of summer beaming down on us from dawn ’til dusk, skin protection is a daily habit that’s easy to overlook but important to remember. Ingenious developers have come up with an app called Sundial: UV Index to tell us, in real time, when the sun is at its most dangerous levels of intensity to remind you it’s time to reapply that sunscreen.

With an hour-by-hour forecast in any city you choose, this mobile app — also available for Apple Watch — helps you plan those dog walks, errands on foot and al fresco drinks in advance, keeping your skin’s health in mind.

SunDial UV Apple Watch

To avoid getting sunburned or worse, just consult the app to see how intense the sun’s UV rays are at any given time. With a four-hour outlook and a simple intensity scale ranging from 0 (nighttime) all the way up to 11 (extremely risky), you can make an informed decision before you step outside and cover yourself with protective clothing if you need to, or up the ante with sunscreen when those UV rays are in beast mode.

SunDial UV Mobile App

And of course, an annual skin cancer screening at the trusty dermatologist is never a bad idea, either. Better safe than sorry, right?

The Sundial: UV Index app is available for iOS in the App Store for $1.99.

What are you doing to protect your skin this summer? Share your tips in the comments section!