Beach season is upon us, which means fun times in the sun. Among the many beach bag essentials you’ll need is sunscreen, so you can take care of your precious skin. Whether you’re making your own sunscreen or in search of some DIY sunburn relief, you know how important it is to slather on skin protection any time you’re sunning yourself like a seal on the beach. Sometimes though, you take a quick nap, and two hours later you’re burnt to a crisp. New swimwear line Spinali Design promises to help you remember to reapply.


This company, based in France, designed bikinis and bathing suits with a waterproof UV sensor chip that alerts you via your smartphone when you need to reapply. After you input your skin type into the Spinali Design app, the sensor monitors the temperature outdoors and alerts you throughout the day when you need to slather your skin again.


The “smart” bikinis ($167) are made to order, so you can customize your top and bottom from a string-bikini style to a one piece, and choose among different pretty patterns. The company also offers a connected beach towel ($111), which you can color coordinate, with the same chip embedded inside to communicate with your iPhone. With this swimwear on your bod, you could say goodbye to sunburns forever.

Swimwear on Beach Spinali Design 645x430

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