As much as we mock those wise old sayings, we’ve probably all come to find them ringing true a time or two. Today we’ve come to the realization that the classic piece of work-related advice, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is actually no joke. A recent study conducted by SKOUT took a look at how friends can affect all different aspects of your life and found that the secret to success at work can be majorly dependent on your friend base there.

SKOUT is an app that’s been helping people make personal connections (romantic and platonic) since 2007. They surveyed more than 3,700 of their users to ask about their resolutions for 2016. What they found could be of some serious use to you in the professional realm. The survey revealed that 85 percent of employed people who have seven or more good friends at work are happy in their job, 53 percent say they’ve been offered a job as a result of a friend and, most surprisingly, 62 percent of employed people with seven or more good friends at work say they’ve received a promotion in the past year.

Now, this isn’t to say that the office is just one big popularity contest, but if we’re being totally honest, it sort of is. If you’re doing a stellar job at your current role and all your friends know about it, they’re probably going to tell other people at the company. And if you’ve ever worked in an office, you know just how fast word can spread. We’re not saying you should become the office brown-noser, but heading to that office happy hour or actually stepping away from your desk at lunch to grab a bite with some co-workers could end up making a huge difference in both your happiness and career.

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