Up until a few years ago, when you embarked on a new career adventure, you didn’t really know what the company was really like until you started working there. But now thanks to Glassdoor, AKA Yelp for companies, it’s a lot easier to either narrow down the search and avoid accepting an offer somewhere that has a million reviews about how terrible the management is. While you can snoop on companies’ reviews whenever, Glassdoor comes out with a super informative, annual list of all the best-reviewed companies from the past year – and this year there are some surprises.

best companies 2016

The biggest shocker is that most of these companies – even in the big businesses category – aren’t exactly household names. There are obviously a few that seem like major “duhs” (re: Facebook and Airbnb), but brands like Nestlé Purina PetCare and Hubspot are a bit more unexpected.

Additionally, the biggest takeaway from this list is that the majority of these companies aren’t located in the country’s most biggest + most expensive cities. Salt Lake City is home to two of these companies with places like Boston, Saint Louis and Charlottesville trailing right behind. Surprisingly, not one of the companies list in either the top 10 big or small business category is based out of NYC. So, if you’re in the midst of a job hunt, or maybe even just curious, check out the top 20 companies below and head to Glassdoor’s site for the full list.

The Best Big Business to Work For in 2016

1. Airbnb (San Francisco, CA)

2. Bain & Company (Boston, MA)

3. Guidewire (Foster City, CA)

4. Hubspot (Cambridge, MA)

5. Facebook (Menlo Park, CA)

6. LinkedIn (Mountain View, CA)

7. Boston Consulting Group (Boston, MA)

8. Google (Mountain View, CA)

9. Nestlé Purina PetCare (Saint Louis, MO)

10. Zillow (Seattle, WA)

best companies 2016

The Best Small Businesses to Work For in 2016

1. Madwire (Loveland, CO)

2. Grand Rounds (San Francisco, CA)

3. CloudLock (Waltham, MA)

4. Instructure (Salt Lake City, UT)

5. WillowTree (Charlottesville, VA)

6. Venterra Realty (Houston, TX)

7. Health Catalyst (Salt Lake City, UT)

8. PrescenceLearning (San Francisco, CA)

9. Fast Enterprises (Centennial, CO)

10. Demandbase (San Francisco, CA)

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