We don’t know about you guys, but with 24/7 media and living in a building where there’s a party every weekend, it makes it nearly impossible for us to get some shuteye. While the sweet spot is seven to eight hours of sleep every night, the average American gets about six, which in the long run can lead to some pretty unpleasant health problems… and some killer under eye circles, we might add. To help you get your beauty sleep, we’re spilling 10 tips and essentials that will no doubt create a relaxing environment to catch those ZZZs.

1. Beauty Sleep Eye Mask ($15): Shut out those bright city lights and get your beauty rest Holly Golightly style with this chic, eyelash-embroidered eye mask.

2. Strike a Pose: Work, errands, kids, dinner — it can leave your head spinning. Unwind with a quick meditation or bedroom yoga sesh before hitting the mattress and reap the benefits. (via Huffington Post)

3. Satechi Portable Humidifier ($30): Dry, stale air can be secretly wrecking havoc on your skin and allergies and making you uncomfortable when it comes to getting some shuteye.

4. Anja Pillowcase ($34): After a full day of work and errands, nothing beats crawling into a cozy bed surrounded by soothing colors. Take your beauty sleep a step further with this rad pillowcase DIY kit.

5. Clean Up: Skipping your nightly routine of washing your face and brushing your teeth is a big no-no. But there is a wrong and a right way to do it. For example, that minty fresh toothpaste you’re using? It has stimulating properties. Reach for strawberry or bubblegum flavor instead. When it comes to washing your face, it’s universally known that you should wash away your cleanser with cold water to close pores, but cold water is invigorating. Stick with lukewarm water for your nightly routine. (via PopsSugar)

6. Shut Off the Technology: Scrolling through your Instagram feed may be your nighttime ritual, but the bright screen and flurry of images can actually keep you up. Do yourself a favor — put down the phone. (via NYC PR Girls)

7. Love Stories Sleep Shirt ($55): Snuggle up in a pair of sumptuous satin pajamas for the ultimate luxurious sleep. And if you want to hit snooze a few too many times the next morning, we think this shirt would look rad styled with ripped jeans and moto boots.

8. Skip the Caffeine: It goes without saying, having caffeine in your system at bedtime leads to restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. Cut the coffee by 2 p.m., or at the very least, make it a decaf. (via I Am Shoe Shopping )

9. Greenmarket Purveying Co. Candles ($48 for three): Sit back and unwind with these relaxing scented candles. Are the mountains your happy place? Try the North Woods scent. Maybe you’re a beach babe who needs the sweet scent of the ocean breeze? Or perhaps you prefer a classic lavender? This trio’s got ’em all.

10. Nightstand Pampering: Keep all your essentials nearby, whether that includes a tall glass of water or your favorite book. These goodies will help you unwind and get ready for sleepy land. (via BHG)

Did we leave anything off our list? Is there something unusual that helps you get ready to hit the hay? Tell us in the comments!