We know a thing or two about photo booths here at Brit + Co.—especially choosing the perfect backdrop. But we were blown away by this video from a Seattle wedding where the photo booth was equipped with a RED Epic Camera that took 160 photos per second. Meaning every detail of the evening (in the photo booth, anyway) was captured. The best part is that all those photos were then cut together into a video (set to the song of the summer) showing the whole night in slow motion. Take a look:


Pretty fantastic, right?

Not only do we love this video because it’s funny, but it’s such a unique way to capture the night. How many times have you taken bad photo booth photos?

Inevitably if you’re trying to do the hair flip or group jumping shot, you never get quite the right moment. This set up makes sure you will get every single second of the night. There’ll be no more worrying about someone’s eyes being closed or missing the perfect expression or some really funny faces. And of course it wouldn’t be a photo without confetti!

If you want to learn how the booth was set up, check out the tutorial from the photographers Super Frog Saves Tokyo.

What’s your favorite photo booth pose? Share your signature move in the comments!