Hey, guys! Did you hear? We had kind of a big week here at Brit + Co and one of the major announcements we made was app-related. I’ll let the list below do all the talking, but get prepared for apps that will *challenge* you, apps that will quiz you and a couple that will let you connect and disconnect from friends like you never have before. You, meet the best apps of the week. Best apps of the week, meet your new BFF.


1. Snapguide by Brit + Co: The Snapguide you know and love now comes in Brit + Co flavor and it makes a lot of sense, since we always want to see more of what you’re creating, making, hacking and cooking up at home. Download this app that lets you make super easy tutorials straight from your iPhone and share them with a community of millions who want to get inspired. By you! And the cool stuff you love. Start sharing your how tos on Snapguide if you aren’t already and you just might soon see them on Brit.co!

DL It: Free on iOS

2. Challenged: Social media has been an obvious, easy and super fun way for celebrities and brands to break the fourth wall and speak to fans and consumers on all-new levels. This app takes things farther than WhoSay ever dreamed by establishing a platform where people (see: celebs + brands) can challenge people (see: we, the plebes) to do things that earn them swag or Instagram-famous-level notoriety. We, the plebes can also challenge users on Challenged, as can charities, to answer the community with videos of feel-good dares like, “show us your silliest selfie!” or “thank our troops in the most creative way!” Music producer Darkchild is even using it to scope out new talent that he’ll fly out to audition at his studio. Perhaps apps ARE the new American Idol.

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Flipd: Like a digital personal assistant for your much-needed digital detox, offers features like a productivity timer and automatic responses for the world when you’re shutting yourself/your phone off from it for a few. You can even set up a sort of “group Flipd” community where you can “Flip off” each other’s phones. Your family dinners/work meetings/BFF brunches just got a lot less connected. And that’s actually awesome.

DL It: Free on Android


4. Flingy: Forget crowdfunding; the new frontier in social networking is crowdsourcing decision making. Whether it’s “where should I go to brunch,” “what dress should I buy” or “what should I make for dinner,” this new app wants to help you answer the Q through votes from a community of friends and opinionated strangers.

DL It: Free on iOS


5. Dot: This sweet little addition to your smartphone is a whole new way to answer the question, “where are you?” and an even better way to answer “where have you been?” The app lets you plot points of interest on a map — anything from your secret picnic spot to your top bagel place to your the city street art that gives you the feels to your favorite place to get caught in the rain with piña coladas. Make your dots a series to inspire a stranger’s walking tour or to show your friends visiting from out of town all the underground, just-for-you hotspots. This company also has the best answer to the “What’s New in Version 1” I’ve personally ever seen on the app store, so I would suggest my fellow app nerds read for a good chuckle.

DL It: Free on iOS

What’s the last app you downloaded? Share below!