We’re huge fans of Society6 around here — they’re one of those win-win companies. By partnering with tons of artists and designers from all over the world, they’re able to create a seriously gigantic catalog of prints, iPhone cases, pillows, and the like, all made-to-order just for you! This means that you can find unique and unusual pieces of art, and that emerging artists get their work out there in nontraditional ways. And now… wall clocks are getting in on the action. Here are 24 of our picks from the initial collection, one for every hour ;)

1. Everything is Fine ($30): First up, how Brit + Co. are the colors in this clock? We love the dimensionality of each triangle piece.

2. Boston Terrier ($30): It’s like this terrier took a selfie!

3. Bill Murray Replaceaface ($30): Digging this re-imagined old school portrait of Bill.

4. DG Aztec No. 1 ($30): I have not one, not two, but three friends who have this pattern in the form of an iPhone case. We’re into the rustic vibe and textural aesthetic.

5. Hand-Drawn Pattern ($30): We featured this print in our pretty patterned prints roundup, and we still love the quirky hand-drawn feel of it.

6. Gold Polka Dots ($30): This clock screams Kate Spade, and therefore it’s calling our names.

7. Summer of Love ($30): The perfect clock for the wanderer.

8. Yellow Honeycomb ($30): Is it just us, or does it almost look like those honeycomb shapes are letterpressed?

9. Triangles Coloured #2 ($30): We love every print in this series, and the bold gemstone colors in this one are an instant hit.

10. Mimosas = Vitamin C ($30): We totally agree.

11. Japan ($30): This seriously looks like it’s 3D — super into the digital quality of this colorful clock.

12. Medium Difficulty ($30): Inserting space invaders into nostalgic settings seems pretty awesome to us.

13. NewerMind ($30): Mesmerizing much?

14. #14 Lamp ($30): Doesn’t this remind of you of the Pixar lamp, but with a little more Pinterest-inspired style?

15. Let’s All Go and Have Breakfast ($30): Dancing breakfast foods unite!

16. Circle 1 ($30): Loving the sea foam green pattern on this option.

17. Beard Season ($30): Beard lovers unite — winter doubles as beard season!

18. Whiskey ($30): Love a glass of whiskey on the rocks? Then this is the clock for you.

19. Scales ($30): It’s like color blocking, ombre, and repetitive patterns had a baby.

20. Space Melter ($30): Galactic popsicles are going to be all the rage this summer.

21. Time of Your Life ($30): When we saw the title of the clock, we assumed a Dirty Dancing reference would happen. But… we still love a quote about time on a thing that tells time :)

22. Zissou the Bear ($30): Zissou, as a bear.

23. Overdose ($30): This definitely feels like a pattern and color overdose… and we like it.

24. French Poppa ($30): We’ve featured this in print form before, and it’s quickly becoming a timeless image. French Biggie is just so debonair.

And now, an animated clock GIF.

What kind of wall clocks adorn your home? Got any favorites on this list? Tell us in the comments below.