Dear Society6, please never stop making it ridiculously easy to turn art into anything and everything! From smartphone cases to clocks to shower curtains, this art and design powerhouse has now launched something that will totally floor you: rugs! Available in three sizes, a 2×3 is $28, a 3×5 is $58 and a 4×6 is $79. Not too shabby if you ask us — we just hope they offer bigger sizes in the near future!

1. Pantune: Pan… tune! Yes. We love this punny design so much we just want to step on it ;)

2. Drink Coffee Create Stuff Sleep: I think we can all relate to this feeling.

3. Pineapple Pattern: Bermuda shorts called, they want their pineapple pattern back.

4. Solara: This combination of photography and design is quite lovely.

5. Pink Leaves on Blue: Wish you could gaze at cherry blossoms all year round? Now you can. On your floor!

6. India Style Pattern: How mesmerizing is this pattern? We could just stare at it for days.

7. Scales: A more peaceful patterned option, we like this option in the form of a clock as well.

8. French Bulldog: You’ve seen this dude before as well! So perfect for the home of a sassy French bulldog.

9. Atym: Shapes. Colors. Patterns. Aaaaand repeat.

10. Gray Swiss Dots: For the prepsters up in here, a dotty gray number.

11. Compass: We dig how this looks chalkboard-esque.

12. Disturbed: The opposite of a welcome mat? We think yes.

13. Geometric Love: This unusual color palette has us dreaming of late summer nights.

14. Mac and Cheese: Um. WHAT. If I could choose to have a pun as my spirit animal, it might just be this.

15. Colour + Pattern: The painterly aesthetic of this rug tugs at our heartstrings, even though we’re suckers for a crisp painted edge.

16. Pomegranate Pattern: Love poms so much you just want to play footsie with them? ;)

17. Colour: These washed out color blocks look vaguely photographic, and we’re intrigued.

18. Seinfeld Hair: This crew definitely had a set of iconic ‘dos.

19. The Crazy Ones: Words to live by.

20. Minimal Complexity: And finally, a restful pattern to finish things off.

What kind of rugs do you have in your home? Like any of these ones? Talk to us in the comments below.