Mad that Facebook is making you download its Messenger app to get your FBChat on? Be a rebel and say no to The Zuck — download our latest favorite five instead. From on-the-go girl power fitness to Gary-oke in your pocket you’ll LIKE them way more, we promise.

1. Spitfire Athlete: Get ready to get pumped up with an app that wants to show you (ladies) how strong you really are/can be. It unlocks training plans by certified coaches, has guides on everything from nutrition to how to recover from all that badassery you’re doing to your bod and detailed exercise instructions.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Locks for Instagram: This is cool. The app hacks your lock screen so you can get photos from your Instagram feed without having to open up the app. It’s only available for Android and never have we wanted to convert over more than right now. Green robot guy, you got us this time!

Cost: Free for Android

3. Snupps: We love organizing stuff. And this app makes it easy to take inventory of ALL the stuff in your life. Catalog your collections, insure things in your home in case of an emergency and digitally preserve keepsakes and family heirlooms all in one place. It’s so simple, yet so helpful. Just how we like our apps.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Refresh: This app puts a personal assistant in your pocket — the really attentive kind like Buster Bluth on Veep, whispering names and facts of VIP into your ear before you shake their hand. It will refresh your memory before a meeting or before hanging out with someone you definitely met and whose name you definitely forgot.

Cost: Free for iOS and Google Glass

5. YP My Book: Remember that ancient artifact, the phone book? If you didn’t think the Yellow Pages could rebrand itself, think again. Their mobile and desktop version of the app “My Book” lets you create collections of people and places you frequent and frequently need to ring, like a curated phone book with a lot less bulk. There are even features that help you score coupons, skim menus and even compare gas prices around you.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

What apps did you download this week? Share below!