Between the blinged-out Japanese nail art or plaid manicures, there’s no denying that the once simple act of doing your nails is no longer just a means to polish up your look. We’re turning these babies into full-blown masterpieces! This season’s trending look: Jackson Pollock-inspired nails (say whaaat?). They’ll give your neutral mani a literal splash (or twenty) of vibrant color. Just be prepared to get a little messy ;) You can go minimalist with a marble-inspired look or create a faux floral aesthetic without the costly detailing. Either way, this splatter polish technique is your go-to move when it comes to giving your digits a next-level look.

1. Jawbreaker: This mani looks as sweet as candy. Give your digits a whimsical charm with nails inspired by a classic childhood treat — jawbreakers.

2. Ocean Blue: Get ready to hit the beach with nails as blue as the sea. Pair your #flawless mermaid ‘do with a manicure mirroring the movement of the ocean.

3. Art Deco: Give your polished fingers an old world flair with a style influenced by the roaring ’20s. Just add a dash of white and gold to a single nail in your dark colored mani. This look will bring on the decadence of art deco without upstaging your carefully curated outfit.

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4. Faux Florals: Embrace those gorgeous summer florals, without the painstaking effort of DIY or paying an arm and a leg for your next salon appointment. Splatter on some soft pastel colors and create a faux flower print that’ll kill it at all your summertime weddings and festivals.

5. Glitter: Your obsession with glitter is no joke! From your roots to your accessories, you’ve never been one to shy away from some sparkle. Pair your two-toned splattered nails with a light glitter coat to add a shimmering aesthetic.

6. Mix ‘n’ Match: Every nail is its own work of art. Change things up by giving each painted digit a different color and design. Just remember to stay within the same color set to tie the look together.

7. Dexter: Pop culture is your life, right down to your fingertips. Show off your Dexter love with nails inspired by the dark TV drama.

8. American Flag: It’s all about the red, white and blue. Get super-patriotic this Fourth of July weekend by wearing nails bearing the colors of the US flag.

9. Jeweled: A little bling never hurts. Elevate this high-energy mani by juxaposing your splatter painted nails with simple polished fingers and light jewel accents.

10. Marble: Keep things cool with a sleek marble design. This minimalist look works best by alternating colors to give your mani a playful vibe.

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