You spend months upon months (and for some, maybe a few years) planning the perfect wedding day. Undoubtedly, you want to look stunning walking down the aisle. You’ve picked out the dress (or heck, pantsuit, if you’re Solange) and gone on hair and makeup trials, but there’s still the question of how you want to do your nails.

Some of you might prefer more understated nail art, but if you’re looking for something a little non-traditional and super unique, you need to think nail art. Japanese nail art. Japanese nail salons are famous for innovating the nail art industry (hello, rhinestones!) and some of the most over-the-top and stunning designs you’ll ever lay eyes on came from over East. We’ve rounded up 15 gorgeous nail art styles from some Tokyo-based — and one New York City-based — Japanese salons that will inspire you for your wedding day mani.


1. Starfish + Pearls: Rock these seashell-, pearl- and starfish-studded gradient nails with colombre hair. Don’t forget to take lots of photos for your future grandkids. (via @esnail_japan)


2. Love Decals: The love decals on these babies send a real clear message. Love is what you REALLY want to focus on for your wedding day. (via @esnail_japan)


3. Winter Wonderland: For those of you who are planning a winter wedding, these snowflake-encrusted nails are perfect. The textured sweater design is also a sweet touch. (via @esnail_japan)


4. Stiletto Nails: You may have seen Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj rock this style, but stiletto nails are actually great for your wedding day manicure. Longer nails = more nail art. The cream + gold and stars are a hot combo, and there’s a slight edginess to this mani. (via @esnail_japan)


5. Playful Pastels: Pearls and pastels sounds like a classic wedding combination, but this manicure is anything but classic. The decals are a playful touch that’ll keep your SO guessing — by the way, the answer is always yes. (via @esnail_japan)


6. Taupe + Texture: Ditch the pretty pinks and go for a cool gray taupe. The textured design on every other finger makes this manicure absolutely unique. (via @esnail_japan)


7. Just Bling: Get a truly groundbreaking mani by forgoing the colored polish. Instead, bedazzle your naked nails with lots of rhinestones and pearls. (via @esnail_japan)


8. Hologram Nails: This awesome effect is called hologram nails, and it’s perfect if you like some shine but can’t be bothered with big crystals. You get a total ’80s vibe. (via @esnail_japan)


9. Butter Yellow Daisies: This sweet manicure is perfect for a Sunday morning wedding in April. It’s pretty, bright and the perfect treat to give yourself for your wedding day. (via @marienails)


10. Gold Leaf + Mermaid: These mermaid scales-inspired nails were made for a beach wedding. And that gold leaf really makes this manicure a knockout. (via @marienails)


11. Graphic Florals: Not everything has to be soft and pretty. Go for a bold, graphic design. This one stands out while still being somewhat traditional. (via @marienails)


12. Coral + Glitter: Coral is an extremely popular wedding color because, duh, it’s awesome. These nails will match your colors while the glitter says loud and proud, “It’s a party!” (via Ria Nail)


13. Rhinestones + Marbled Effect: The swirly marbled design keeps things simple, and the rhinestones dress it up. You might want to go smaller with the rhinestones for your ring finger though. After all, you do want the ring to fit. (via Ria Nail)


14. Pastel Polka Dots: These nails are an unconventional take on the French mani. The pastel polka dots also say that you plan on having fun on your wedding day. (via Ria Nail)


15. Watercolor Rose + French Mani: Sigh… these beautiful watercolor rose nails are so stunning, you might just end up staring at your nails all day. But hey, maybe you’ll have more restraint, so definitely go for it. (via Ria Nail)

Will you be using any of these styles for your big day? Tell us in the comments below!