We love summer for oh-so many reasons — ahem, BBQs and tie dye — and it’s time to bring on the waterworks! Cock that Super Soaker, grab a towel and get ready to make a splash with Prismatik’s SplatterTec color-changing tee, now accepting pledges on Kickstarter.

Color-changing dyes have been around for several decades (anyone remember Hypercolor?), but this jersey is the coolest thing since wearable GIFs. Not only is it sensitive to the heat of the sun, it reacts to cold. When you hit it with ice water, for example, the color appears, and when the shirt dries, the color vanishes.

Each shirt is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, making it mid-weight and not heavy when soaked with water. The micro-capsules in the dye are smaller, darker and stronger than any that have come before, making the SplatterTec more vibrant and more UV sensitive. With proper care, the shirt will last through several washes, and the color shifting is repeatable thousands of times.

So how can you get one for your next wet T-shirt contest? The pledging is in full swing, and your dollars get you anything from shirts and bandanas, to an invite to the launch party in Utah, where you can meet the founders. We don’t know about you, but we think that sounds pretty fly.

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