Editor’s Note:This post was originally part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. And because we think the ’90s are all that (and a bag of chips), we decided to update it for all you present-day readers. Keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

Remember when this was a magical sighting? One second your sunnies were pink, and as soon as you stepped outside they turned yellow. That’s right. Color changing gear was once totally trendy. And if you can recall, it didn’t stop with shades. So get in that time machine, grab your Fruit by the Foot or jewel-toned Gushes and cue “How Bizarre” as we take you on a roller coaster ride of color changing magic. Let’s bounce.

1. Set of Six Mood Lipsticks ($9): What would Jessie Spano do? Well if she was high on caffine pills she would definitely wear her favorite shade of mood lipstick… then Zack would know when she was soexcited and when she was soscared.

2. Worldfashion Battery Thermometer Heat Sensitive Porcelain Mug ($10): Power up! No matter what kind of morning you’re having, get a mouthful of coffee from this mug and you’ll be as energized as John Moschitta Jr. MicroMachines FTW!

3. Mood Bobby Pins ($15): Because sometimes you want to be more discreet about when you’re having just one of dem days.

4. Pink + Yellow Sunglasses: Clarissa, please explain this: Why weren’t these a part of our wardrobe?!?! (via Etsy)

5. 24 Mood Pencils ($9): If you were ever planning on pen(cil)ing a love letter to everybody’s once-favorite heartthrob, Joey Lawrence, we hope you didn’t use this writing tool. It would have given away that you loved him like “WHOA!”

6. Sterling Silver Mood Rings ($55): Did you ever wear one of these? You would have totally been BFFs with Phoebe. You might have even helped her write songs about smelly cats… or whatever.

7. Magic Color Spoons ($38): Those of you carried around your Trix spoon in your back pocket better get pumped. Here are even more spoonfuls of technicolor magic. They’re all that and a bag of chips… speaking of, do you think we can eat our Bugles with these?

8. Retractable Color Pen ($1): Because when you were passing notes in the hallways, sometimes some words deserved to be green, some got a black treatment and then others needed all-out red.

9. Paint Splattered Umbrella ($38): During dry times, it’s simple black and white. When things start to drizzle on your styling ‘do, pop it up and let the color explosion happen.

10. Orange House: It’s like Lisa Frank puked all over our stairs… and we’re loving it. (via Contemporist)

11. Lumiware Coasters ($60): Even your table savers are living life in living color. And Homey do play that.

12. Touch Me Tees ($36): Breathe on it! Breathe on it!

13. Gucci Color Face Option Watch ($315): When you’re channeling Cher Horowitz’s good fashion sense, you know that sometimes your red plaid pleated skirt and blazer needs a red watch and other times your yellow plaid pleated skirt and blazer needs a yellow watch.

14. Mood Hemp Ring ($3): Hemp with a color changing piece of plastic? Umm… have we died and gone to heaven?

15. Tote Bag ($10): We’re tote-ally all about it.

16. Shade Shifter Coat: One minute you’re feeling as sweet as Josie “Grossie” Geller and the next you’ve got some serious issues à la Nancy Downs from The Craft. Let the world know how you feel with a flip of the finger. If it’s black, they know it’s all “talk to the hand cause the face don’t understand.” (via The Gloss)

What are you hella stoked about? Give us the 4-1-1 in the comments below!