Your fabulous foyer — or not-so-fabulous foyer — is the first thing guests see when they enter your home. It’s also where you begin and end your days. That’s why it’s important to make sure this entry space is functional, efficient and maybe a little bit stylish too. To help you get there, we chatted with organization guru Jeffrey Phillip about how to get the most inviting (and organized!) entryway on the block. Jeffrey says that the key to a successful entryway hack is to say goodbye to “what ifs” and “maybe somedays,” and only keep the things you use on the daily. Instead of cluttering up your entry with stuff you “might” use, wouldn’t it be nice to make room for a new spring accessory or two? See all of the must-purge items below, and get ready to tackle this entryway spring cleaning project in the coming week.


1. Broken Umbrellas: Just toss ’em!

2. Multiple Worn Out Dog Collars and Leashes for Your *One* Dog: Your furry BFF deserves one nice collar and one nice leash. Okay, maybe two, but if it’s frayed, throw it out.

3. That Weird Raincoat That You Never Even Use in the Rain Because It’s So Ugly and Makes You Sweat But “What If…”: Nothing holds up the spring cleaning faster than the “what if’s,” so save yourself the decision and just get rid of it.

4. Ugly and Worn Out Shoes You Mostly Love to Hate: Put aside all practical excuses and sentimental reasons for keeping those shoes and clean out space for shoes you actually do love.


5. Good-Looking Shoes That Kill Your Feet So Much You Never Wear Them: This one can be hard because cute shoes are so hard to break up with. But if you don’t wear them anymore (or never really have), it’s time to give them a chance at another life in a thrift store.

6. The Weird Hat You Got for Christmas Three Years Ago and Never Wore But Felt Bad Giving to Goodwill: Give it to Goodwill. Aunt Mae will never know.

7. That Gunky, Sticky Yoga Mat: It’s time to say namaste to the grime you’ve collected over the winter and treat your toes to a nice clean yoga mat. Your yogi friends will thank you.

8. Excess Shopping Bags and “Reusable” Bags: The reusable bags are great, but everyone hands them out now and the excess isn’t necessary. Pick a couple that you really like and donate the rest.

9. Disgusting Flip Flops: Last summer’s flip flops were so last summer. You know you’re going to treat yourself to a new pair in a few months anyway, so get rid of last year’s pair already.

10. Old, Broken or “Party” Specific Sunglasses: Just like the flip flops, you know you’re going to need the space when you’re tempted by 2016’s sunglasses of the year. Resist the urge to fix those broken frames, and purge your entryway from anything non-functional.

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