Being a professional hostess may be your thing, but the prep work (aka sending out all the party invites) is often a dreaded, time-consuming task. And who has extra free time to produce dozens of handwritten invitations when your days consist of building your empire?!


Okay, lots of us *DO* have time to create unique, calligraphy-adorned watercolor RSVPs (+ various other DIY projects). But for the time-crunched girlbosses among us that are looking to cross off items on their to do list as efficiently as they fill out spreadsheets and close business deals, we’ve got a digital party prep solution for you.

Option A: Take one of our online classes — wink, wink.

Option B (for ya’ll with zero minutes on the clock): Use Evite’s newest collection of creatively designed, spring-themed digital soiree invitations — illustrated by yours truly (aka the B+C design squad ;)


Looking to ensure your celebration of spring gets a guaranteed “yes” RSVP? Then pick one of our 9 colorful, customizable and FREE digital Evite templates, sure to avoid the dreaded Spam and Delete folders. You could say we’re magical little leprechauns delivering efficient replies, but you don’t *have* to.

To help you put together a festive spring brunch, gala, informal get together, etc. (all the above?) simply choose from one of our nine vibrant (and very tropical) invitation templates (overflowing with drinks and palm leaves, naturally), like this palm leaf design, then customize it with all of your own party details. You know, the when, the where, and, most important of all, the theme. Oh, and what alcoholic beverages and/or sweet and savory indulgences your guests should bring. Best part is, you can send your beautiful invites directly from Evite for efficient delivery and response-time (Woot!).

Head over to Evite now to start filling out one of our free — we did mention these are free, right?! — spring party invitation designs and get busy filling up that guest list. Now all that’s left on your party planning checklist is crafting an unforgettable tasting and sipping menu, and DIYing the perfect photo booth backdrop. Cheers!

After sending out those invitations, head over to Pinterest to get party planning + decoration inspo for your spring soiree.