We’re always looking for opportunities to rep our states. We’ve got lots of native Californians in our office, a handful of Texas gals and many others from places all over the map. It’s always nice to show your home-state pride, so today we’re decorating Easter eggs with stenciled states. And we’ve got a printable for anyone who wants to make California, Texas or New York!



– Brit + Co states printable (download here)

hard-boiled eggs

– Sharpies in various colors


– X-acto knife + cutting mat

– Scotch tape


 1. Print your Brit + Co states printable.

2. Cut out your states using an X-acto knife.

3. Tape your state stencil to your egg.

4. Color in the state, remove the paper and the write the state name.

The Big Apple


As New York lovers, we had to draw the concrete jungle state on one of our eggs.


First print your Brit + Co. states printable. Grab your X-acto knife and cut out your states. Take care to keep the paper intact. You will be using it as a stencil, so you don’t want to make additional slices.

Tape your stencil to a hard-boiled egg. Make sure it’s nice and flush with the egg so that you can easily color in the open area. Get a sharpie and fill in the state. Then peel away the paper to reveal your perfectly drawn region! So cool! Add the name or any other saying you want.


California Knows How To Party


We’re all California girls at heart.


The steps are the same for this West Coast state.

Yee Haw Texas!


We’ll take some cowgirl boots and hot sauce, Texas.


Just color in your stencil and add the name! Easy as that.


We are in love with these laser-cut key chains!


Which state are you going to make? And what will you write on your egg? Texas is for lovers? Share your brilliant ideas in the comments.