If today feels like the longest Monday of the year, that’s because technically it is. Today is summer solstice (AKA the longest day of the year and the official first day of summer). And while that might mean your work day is dragging on, it also means it’s going to stay lighter later than every day before. Okay, maybe only like one minute later than yesterday but work with us here. If you can manage to stay up until 8:30pm or so (lol), you’re in an astronomical treat. For the first time since 1967, summer solstice and a strawberry moon are happening at the same time.

WTF is a strawberry moon?! While it may evoke visions of a pink or blood red moon, that’s not quite the case. According to NASA, the name “strawberry moon” derives from the fact that strawberry picking season peaks during this month. Europeans called this the Rose Moon.

While you won’t be able to look up to a giant pink gumball in the sky, you’ll still be treated to a bright, full moon and a super rare astronomical event. So hey, grab a friend, pop open some wine and make a toast to the first official day of summer.

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