Good morning, afternoon and evening from the UK! I鈥檝e spent the last week taking in one-man shows, comedy and lots of spectacular dance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you have no idea what that is, add it to your to-read-about list. It鈥檚 an amazing way to get inspired by thousands of art forms in a beautiful, historic city. Now, enough about me, let鈥檚 talk about you. And we鈥檒l kick things off with a pep talk! ;)


1. The Pep Talk Generator: Bookmark this page NOW. Every refresh offers new empowering advice from pros, and TBH, it鈥檚 kind of addictive.


2. Everbright: Check out the most colorful interactive workspace, ever. Hero Designs boasts that their creative installation is 鈥渓ike a giant 鈥榬efresh鈥 button for the brain.鈥 AKA Brit HQ needs one of these, like, yesterday.


3. Stiletto Raincoat: If you New Yorkers need *another* reason to check out Tiger, the Danish IKEA-meets-Dollar-Store retail company, these stiletto raincoats are one of the many wacky and genius products for sale. It鈥檚 like a shower cap for your shoes!


4. Florabunda Mobile Charger ($30): Because your mobile charger should be just as cute as your phone case, duh.


5. Wheaties Beer: Breakfast of champions, meet happy hour. Now our favorite nostalgic cereal exists in beer form, and we鈥檙e really excited.


6. Hang 10 Baby Booties Knit Kit ($34): What better way to cover up those ten special little toes than with booties you knit yourself? Pick up the Wool and the Gang kit in the B+C Shop.


7. The Synth Series: Gigantic yarn installation + dancers = a crazy-inspiring art exhibit. We may just have to hop over to D.C. to see this one IRL.


8. Year Round Tape: Um, this calendar tape is a serious game changer. Washi tape wall calendars will never be the same.


9. Pretzel Making at Home ($17): From fried cinnamon sugar pretzels to pretzel grilled cheese with tomato basil jam, this comprehensive cookbook will make *all* of your pretzel-related dreams come true, promise.


10. CreativeMornings Skills: What will you teach the world in two minutes or less? CreativeMornings just launched Skills, a platform for anyone to upload educational videos. Sounds like the perfect thing to watch on our morning commutes. (via Swissmiss)

Have a sweet weekend!