Your phone is probably one of the most vital items you own, right? And Apple knows that. We’ve heard heroic rescue stories all about the power of “Find My iPhone.” But it looks like Apple could be taking its security to the next level.

Pickpocket in Action at Park

In a patent application, Apple described a system for “capturing biometric information for identifying unauthorized users.” Basically it would use features like GPS, the camera and the fingerprint scanner to track down users of your iPhone who aren’t you. The system could be triggered either by multiple failed attempts to log in or the phone’s real user setting off the “Find My iPhone” feature.

Any information the phone captures about the intruder would be stored and could be pieced together by police to paint a complete picture of the unauthorized user, if the phone was later found. However, in order for the system to be completely effective, it would need to find a way to keep the phone thief from shutting down the advice.

But for those who are prone to losing important things, any step in a more secure direction is excellent (and reassuring) news.

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(h/t Patently Apple; photo via Getty)