Losing your iPhone is an awful experience. You don鈥檛 need to personally have gone through this (though it鈥檚 likely you or someone close to you has) to know the nightmare it is to recover it 鈥 or worse, to never see it again. Whether your iPhone has been lost or stolen, here are some helpful tech tips you can use to protect your information and also ensure the best chances of finding your phone.


1. Enable 鈥淔ind My iPhone鈥: This is Apple鈥檚 built-in first step in helping you recover your iPhone 鈥 and it鈥檚 still the best option (so worth repeating). You can turn on this feature by going into Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and toggling that on.


2. Check Out iCloud on Your Computer: If you ever lose your phone, you can track it via your desktop computer if you鈥檝e enabled 鈥淔ind My iPhone.鈥 Go to the iCloud website and sign in using your Apple ID. From there, you can access 鈥淔ind My iPhone,鈥 which will show you the last location your iPhone was spotted on a map. If you tap on the green dot, it鈥檒l bring up your iPhone info. Aside from tracking your phone, it鈥檒l also give you the option to put your phone into 鈥淟ost Mode,鈥 which will show your emergency contact info on your locked screen. From here, you can also remotely wipe your phone if you believe you鈥檒l never see it again 鈥 or even if you do, and you want to make sure your sensitive information doesn鈥檛 make it into someone else鈥檚 hands.

3. Ask Siri: Say you don鈥檛 have access to iCloud or you haven鈥檛 realized your phone is gone yet and a kind stranger picks it up. Here鈥檚 how you can make sure they can return your phone to you without 鈥淟ost Mode鈥 being turned on. Siri does this cool thing: If you ask her, 鈥淲ho does this phone belong to?鈥 she鈥檒l provide the name and number of the owner (that鈥檚 you). Only problem is, when she provides only your cell number, you鈥檙e out of luck because, duh, the person who鈥檚 holding it now has your cell phone. Here鈥檚 how you can make sure the good Samaritan who finds your phone knows who to call.

First, Siri must be enabled.


Now, go into your contacts and scroll to the top. You should see your contact info there. Tap on it.


Once you鈥檙e on your contact info screen, tap on 鈥淓dit鈥 in the upper right-hand corner.


Now add a phone number, whether it鈥檚 your S.O.鈥檚 number, your work number or even your BFF鈥檚 number. Here鈥檚 the part where you get crafty. Tap on the 鈥淟abel鈥 section where you specify what kind of number this is.


That should take you to this 鈥淟abel鈥 page, where you can choose whether the number is a home, work or iPhone number, or something else. Scroll down to the second half of the selections and pick 鈥淎dd Custom Label.鈥


Type in: 鈥淚f found, please call鈥 and hit 鈥淒one鈥 in the upper right hand corner. Hit done again.


Voil脿! Your emergency contact info will show up.


Now, if someone ever comes across your lost iPhone (and reads this article!) and wants to return it home, he/she can hold down your Home button and ask Siri.

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