It鈥檚 about time to share all of those photos of the gingerbread houses, twinkle lights聽and presents from the holidays 鈥 not to mention all of your best (and worst ;) pics from tonight鈥檚 festivities. This slideshow app lets you share all of them at once with the added bonus of an audio upgrade.


Storyline lets you easily create beautiful slideshows by just dragging and dropping pictures from your camera roll. Next, add yours, your family鈥檚 or your kids鈥 voices to the slideshow as narration or even a musical accompaniment鈥 if they鈥檙e the caroling type.


Just like that, your story is ready to share as a complete picture event. But this is definitely not just for the holidays. Think about taking all the pics from your birthday and sharing them with audio of your friends singing the birthday song. Or, taking all of your vacation photos and adding audio, narrating each photo. It鈥檚 so easy, you may want to make an event out of every trip to the farmers market.


You can download the app right now for free on iOS.

When do you think is the perfect event for Storyline? Give it a try and let us know what you think!