Of all the crazy ways to show your wild side during the holidays—from ridiculously tacky Christmas sweaters to the weirdest White Elephant gifts you can buy—it doesn’t get much more extreme than tricking out your house in thousands of colorful Christmas lights. We’re not quite sure what motivates these homeowners to indulge in this outlandishly sparkly obsession, (or how they could possibly afford to pay for the out-of-control electric bill that’s sure to follow) but one thing’s for sure: if they plug in, we will gawk. So shield your eyes: it’s time to ogle in awe at these 15 over-the-top outdoor Christmas light displays.

1. This-A-Way: With two giant stars and a lit archway leading to the home, there’s no way Santa’s skipping over this residence. (via DIY Network)

2. Giant “Wall”Tree: This Christmas light display takes wall trees to a whole new level! (via MSN)

3. Rainbow Roof: We have to admit: we’re slightly obsessed with this abstract rainbow roof. If Brit + Co. decided to go crazy with Christmas lights, we’d definitely take our inspiration from this look. (via Stylusa)

4. Toy-Filled Front Yard: Ever wonder what it would look like if you bought every Christmas yard decoration you ever saw and then tossed them all in your front yard? Now you know. (via The Heritage Home Team)

5. Merry Christmas Colors: The color scheme of red, green, and blue gives an inviting warmth to this tricked out home. (via 973 the Dawg)

6. Sexy Snowman: We didn’t realize that Frosty was modeling for American Apparel now. The only thing that would make the giant, lounging snowman better is if it said “Oh hey girl” whenever you walked past it. (via MSN)

7. Colorful Yard Lights: Who knew lawn lights could look so cool? We love how the technicolor bulbs glow under a foot of snow. (via BigStock)

8. Hark!: On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 11 life-sized, trumpet playing, light up angels on my roof. Thanks, honey. (via ESRA)

9. Neon Christmas: They should change the lyrics to “I’m dreaming of a neon Christmas,” ‘cause we have to say, this is pretty rad. (via Clicky Pix)

10. Flying Santa: Okay, this display kind of rules too. It’s a cool way to take advantage of a tree-filled yard. (via Popsicle Blog)

11. Glistening Gate: This gate is so intricately strung that it looks like stained glass. All the detail definitely pops against the home’s bright white lights. (via Ally Hearts Candy)

12. Joy to the World : Rather than tip-toe across your roof to display joy to the world, we suggest you spell it out on a smaller scale with DIY marquee lights! Set your three-letter light on a windowsill or even hang it on the wall next to your tree. (via Archers Homes)

13. Rays of Light: This house gets points for almost making an over-the-top light display classy, thanks to the clean outline of white lights on the roof and peaked windows. Next year, skip the hullabaloo happening in the yard—the rays of starlight are near perfection. (via DIY Network)

14. White Lights: One thing’s for sure: this is a crazy lights display fit for a winter wonderland. (via DigsDigs)

15. Merry and Hella Bright: Bright, blinding, and a totally bizarre. The “Christmas House” may be the most extreme lights display we’ve ever seen. (via College Candy)

Have you seen any crazy light displays this year? Tell us in the comments below!