As much as we hate to admit it, most of us are kind of divas when it comes to our AM drink. Either the coffee’s too hot or it’s too cold; it’s difficult to brew a cup that’s the absolute perfect combination for our picky palate. And don’t get us started on the crema (and, yes we pronounce it crem-AH). Luckily for us, the talented java lovers at Strietman have decided that enough’s enough. We’ve all been Goldilocks-ing around for too long, and it’s time for us to find a machine that’ll brew a perfect cup every single time.

Introducing the Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine! Handmade in the Netherlands, this machine has simplified and made visible every single part of the espresso-brewing process. The ES3 is operated by hand, so all you have to do is pump water into the coffee and pull down on a lever. Then, the water is forced through the grounds and into your cute little espresso cup. It’s as easy as that!

That temperature problem we discussed earlier? Solved. The ES3 comes with a built-in electric water heater, so you can drink your coffee at exactly 196 degrees, just the way you like it. Oh, and how beautiful is this machine? Seriously, with the copper machinery mounted on a birch base, these sleek finishings are to die for. The ES3 is gorgeous on both the inside and out.

Simplicity and elegance are what this espresso machine is all about, but unfortunately, that elegance is reflected in the price. At $1600, it’s probably equivalent to a month of rent. But hey, for those of you with a deep passion for java and a little extra cash to spend to kick your Starbucks habit, it may be worth the investment!

What do you think of the ES3 Espresso Machine? Would you invest in it? Share below!

(h/t: Fast Company and Strietman)