With a new year comes new fashion resolutions. We all want to make the most of things we already have, but it’s hard not to get bored with the old staples you loved so much in 2012.

If you love affordable accessories as much as we do, you likely have a set of scratched-up bangles kicking around your jewelry box. Time to transform them into brand new bracelets – all you need is a handful of studs and your trusty needle-nose pliers. Best of all, they only take 15 minutes to make!

 – studs in various sizes

– cheap bangles (try Forever 21, a craft store, etc)

– needle-nose pliers

You know we love a good two-material hack!

For single bangles, use small studs and attach them to each bangle with your pliers. Create any pattern you like.

For two bangles at a time, use the next size up.

Looking good so far…!

And for three, go even bigger. So studly :)

And that’s all! Repeat with as many bangles and bangle sets as you like and you’re good to go. It would definitely be fun to integrate colorful bangles into the mix as well.

Throw on with any of your other favorite arm candy, and you’ve got a whole new look.

How do you repurpose tired accessories for new seasons? Talk to us in the comments below.