Succulents sure don’t suck. In fact, they are awesome. They last for a long time with very little water and they don’t need too much love to stay alive. If you take a small piece of a succulent and bury it in soil, you’ll have a whole new plant in no time. Aside from the fact that they are easy to deal with and easy to grow, they are also gorgeous and versatile. Today we’re making a succulent-based flower crown (with some blooms in there for color). This head piece would be fantastic for a wedding or a birthday celebration. Or if you just want to remember that you’re a princess by wearing a crown. You are, by the way.

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 – succulents

– various blooms

– feathers

 – floral shears

– floral wire

– floral tape

– hot glue gun

– wire cutters


1. Cut a long piece of wire and make a wire wreath. Wrap the wire around two times to make it sturdy. Measure it around your head to make sure it fits.

2. Wrap the wire wreath with floral tape.

3. Cut your succulents at the base of the plant. Trim a piece of wire and insert it into the base of the succulent.

4. Hot glue feathers to the ends of a few pieces of wire.

5. Process your flowers trimming the stems to about 3 inches.

6. Create small bunches of succulents, flowers and feathers. Wrap each bunch with floral tape. If it’s a thick bunch, also wrap it with wire.

7. Lay out your design on the wire wreath.

8. Attach the bunches to the wire wreath securing them with floral tape.

Start by wrapping your wire around your head to get the right size. Double up the wire so that it’s nice and sturdy. These flowers aren’t light and airy, so you need a base that can hold their weight. Wrap the entire wire crown with floral tape. Remember, this tape gets sticky as you stretch it. So strange, but so cool.

Next you’re going to wire your succulents. Since these little babies don’t have stems, you’re going to create one out of wire. Snip the end of your plant leaving about a ⅓ inch at the base. Then trim a small piece of wire (3 inches is plenty) and insert the wire into the root of the succulent. Don’t push it all the way through!

We decided to add feathers to our head wreath for something a little extra. It is festival season after all. Cut a few more 3-inch pieces of wire and then hot glue feathers to the ends. Make sure you add the feather quickly — the glue dries fast on the cool wire.

Now you need to prepare your flowers. If they don’t come from a bouquet you purchased at the store, you’ll need to pull off the leaves. If they’re already bare, just chop off the stem so that it’s approximately 3 inches long. Snip, snip! Here’s the part where you get creative. Mix and match your flowers, succulents and feathers creating small bunches. Anywhere from two to five stems per bunch is perfect. Wrap them with tape, or if they are really unruly, add a bit of wire first.

You’re almost there. Arrange the bunches on top of your wire crown designing them as you please.

Okay, time to attach them to the wire. You’ll see that they are overlapping. Start with the piece that is on the bottom, and wrap it to the wire using floral tape. Place your second bunch on the wire slightly overlapping the stems from the first bunch. Wrap it on there tightly. Keep adding bunches until your crown is complete.

Done! How pretty is that?

What have you made using succulents? Ever made your own flower crown? Share your work with us in the comments below.