Remember the good ol’ days when summer was all about chillin’ at the mall with your squad and seeing who could down a double grape popsicle the fastest? Unfortunately our summer plans as adults are far lamer. Instead of hanging with our besties in the summer heat, you’ll probably find us googling how to have a productive summer or laughing at summer Pinterest fails on our lunch breaks. But summer as an adult doesn’t have to be all work. Adult-only summer camps are now totally a thing, inviting 21+ patrons to sit back, relax and enjoy the dog days of summer like we did as kids. Thinking of registering for a worry-free weekend? Here are 13 adult-only summer camps for every type of camper.


1. Camp Throwback: Set in sunny Southwest Ohio, this grown-up camp has all of our favorite classics: gooey marshmallow bonfires, sensitive dudes strumming cheesy songs on the guitar and a ton of team bonding activities. The only difference from kiddo camp? This week-long party serves alcohol. (Photo via Camp Throwback)

Camp Grounded

2. Camp Grounded: From sing-alongs to star gazing to capture the flag, this camp experience for adults is everything you ever hoped it could be. With no screens, agendas or boring networking sessions, it’s the perfect excuse to let loose and experience the lighter side of life IRL. (Photo via Camp Grounded)

Camp No Councilors

3. Camp No Counselors: With nine locations in the US and one in Canada, Camp No Counselors is quickly becoming a national phenomenon. This sleepaway camp for grownups combines fun-for-all-ages activities like water games and talent shows with adult-only fun like themed parties and an open bar. (Photo via Camp No Counselors)

CIA Bootcamp

4. CIA Boot Camp: Thinking about taking up a new skill this summer? This culinary boot camp by The Culinary Institute of America will teach you everything from mastering artisan bread to plating dazzling desserts — and, yes, you get to do a lot of taste testing in the process too. (Photo via The Culinary Institute of America)


5. Wine Camp: Okay, when we first heard there was an actual adult-only wine camp, we knew it had to make the list. A four-day adventure through some of Long Island’s finest vineyards is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. Plus, you get to take home an entire case of wine after the camp is over. Double win! (Photo via Brit + Co)

Camp Bonfire

6. Camp Bonfire: Remember that amazing feeling of leaving with twenty pen pals after just a few days of camp? Well, at Camp Bonfire, making connections is what it’s all about. Whether you’re into terrarium building or beer by the fire (or both!) a weekend of uninterrupted fun at Lake Owego will surely end in a few budding friendships. (Photo via Camp Bonfire)

Band Camp

7. Adult Band Camp: Miss the good ol’ days of belting it out in band class? At the Interlochen Center for the Arts, band camp isn’t just for pimply teens. Their dedicated adult band camp program is chock full of amazing ensemble work and master classes that will definitely have you reminiscing once you’re back home. (Photo via Interlochen Center for the Arts)

Zombie Camp

8. Zombie Survival Camp: No longer will you have to wonder if you would survive a Walking Dead apocalypse. From lessons on how to properly use a crossbow to self-defense classes, this weekend training session will get you prepared for the worst before you can say “Who’s Deanna?” (Photo via Zombie Survival Camp)

Soul Camp

9. Soul Camp: For those of you who want a little rest and relaxation, Soul Camp might just be the TLC adventure for you. With inspirational talks, dreamcatcher making, yoga and meditation, you’ll be immersed in the power of ommmms for five straight blissful days. (Photo via Soul Camp)

Camp Getaway

10. Club Getaway: Staying in the great outdoors doesn’t mean roughing it, according to this ever-popular Connecticut hotspot. With tons of different camps offered throughout the summer, a busy schedule is no longer an excuse to get out and enjoy a little throwback entertainment. (Photo via Club Getaway)

Dave Navarro at Camp Rock n' Roll

11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp: Have you ever dreamed about jamming with a rock ‘n’ roll legend? At the premier rock camp for adults, it’s entirely possible and, in fact, guaranteed. The next hall of famers to rock on with the campers include Judas Priest and members of The Eagles — not that we’re namedropping. (Photo via Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp)

Space Camp

12. Space Camp: With a mission to educate the Mars generation, this Alabama space camp for grownups is the summer experience of a lifetime. With training on real-life astronaut simulators, like the 1/6th gravity chair and the multi-axis trainer, you’re well on your way to interplanetary travel by the end of the weekend. (Photo via Space Camp)

THe Wooden Boat School

13. The Wooden Boat School: Fancy building your own ride? Learn to build your own kayak with expert boat craftsmen Mark Kaufmen. This seven-day course, ideally done in pairs, will result in a beautiful craft ready for endless summer adventures. (Photo via The Wooden Boat School)

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