3 Ways to Trick Out Your Sunglasses Case
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3 Ways to Trick Out Your Sunglasses Case

Yes, fall is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need your shades. Which means you need a case to stash them in. Let them loose in your purse, and they are guaranteed to come away with scratches from your keys. We found these brightly colored pouches at H&M (find stores here) and came up with three different ways to trick them out. Whether your style is sparkly or subdued, one of these DIYs will be perfect for you.

We’ll go left to right. Which of them do you want to make first?


– sunglasses case

– leather or faux leather

– patterned oil cloth

– jeweled necklace and brooch (Ours are from H&M.)

– E-6000 Quick Hold glue


– ruler

– permanent marker

– scissors

– pliers

We wanted one basic color block style for those who aren’t into too much flash. It’s also the easiest of the bunch.

Start by measuring where you want the stripe to go on the case. Then measure and cut the strip from the leather. It should wrap all the way around and meet in the middle of one side of the case. Add some glue to the strip and get ready to position it.

Place the solid portion of the stripe first, then wrap around and press to secure the back side.

Next up, we went a bit more geometric. The combination of the patterned oil cloth and the triangles makes for a bright, fun case.

Start by cutting the oil cloth in to strips. From there you’ll cut the strips into triangles.


Next play around with the pattern and layout one that you like. Then start gluing! We used quick drying glue so nothing would get bumped while we’re piecing it together.

And finally, our bejeweled version! This one is a little bit more glam than the other two. If it were just a little bit bigger, we’d be tempted to carry it as a clutch!

Start by deconstructing the necklace and brooch. You’ll want to remove the pieces from the chains, and remove any hardware from the back that prevents the back from being completely flat.

Next, plan out your design. We wanted something that was almost symmetrical, with just a few color differences. When you start gluing, start with the largest anchor jewel (ours is the flower in the center) and work your way out with the design from there.

Which of these three cases is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!