You’re sitting on your surfboard in the middle of the big blue — it’s just you and the sea. Then you spot the wave, slowly curling in the yonder, building up speed. You paddle and paddle, hook in at just the right moment and slice through the swell like a hot knife through butter. Nothing beats that feeling. Except for the one when you see how many Likes + Shares that video you captured of that exact moment got. Yeah, video, because we have all the surfing gadgets you need to hang ten (well, 11) when you hit the beach on your next surfing excursion.

1. theQ Camera ($300): Don’t feel like getting your phone sandy but still getting the Instagram itch? Say hello to the world’s first social camera. TheQ connects to the Internet and uploads your photos to your social media networks. It’s even got all the filters we can’t live without. It comes in nine juicy colors and, of course, it’s waterproof.

2. Liquipel ($60): If you absolutely must bust out your phone on the beach, don’t forget to coat it with water-repelling nanotechnology first. Yes, you read that right. Liquipel is a super advanced process of coating your device and all of its parts, down to the tiniest screw, leaving you with a phone that’s enveloped in an invisible protective layer. Crazy, right? But it works.

3. Android Wear ($250): Make like Knight Rider and slap on a watch that helps organize your day. Android Wear is a stylish wearable gadget packed with information. What’s the weather like? Ask the watch. Where to catch the best waves? Ask the watch. How to get to the nearest beach? Yup, you got it. Ask the watch.

4. Trace ($199): Ever wanted to relive that moment four years ago when you caught the best wave of your life? If Trace existed back then, you probably could. Built for action sports, Trace tracks every swerve, every trick and every jump, then it saves all the data. Speed, wave length, time of ride, turn degree, calories burned, waves caught – all oh-so traceable.

5. Burton Lil Buddy ($75): A heatwave-proof cooler and stereo system in one, the Burton Lil Buddy fits your 12-pack and plays your 2Pac, all at the same time.

6. Fugoo Core+Sport ($200): If you’re as serious about your music as you are about your sports, Fugoo Core + Sport is waterproof, shockproof and links up to your music player via Bluetooth.

7. Rip Curl Search GPS Watch: Another world first, the Rip Curl Search GPS Watch tracks your surf, makes note of your top speed and distance and racks up your wave count.

8. WaveCave ($260): Think this is a mere beach tent? Think again. WaveCave is a surfboard bag and sturdy tent in one… for those days when you just can’t waste time commuting to the beach to catch awesome waves.

9. Keypod 5G ($43): It ain’t sexy, but man, is it essential! The Keypod 5G keeps your keys tucked away safely while you’re drawing beautiful lines on the surf. Especially useful if you have electronic car keys.

10. SurfEars ($60): Funded on Kickstarter, SurfEars let sound in and keep water out. They protect your ears from water, cold air, dirt and bacteria while optimizing hearing and balance.

11. iPhone Super Suit ($79): If you don’t want to permanently waterproof your phone, go for a super suit instead!

What new gadgets should be invented to make your surfing experience like, totally rad, dude? What are some of your surfing essentials? Tell us in the comments below.