*An update to this story has been included below.*

Susie Bubble is one of those OG fashion bloggers that has been around since the heyday of fashion blogs. Her blog Style Bubble has a devoted following and she’s a staple at fashion week events around the globe. Yesterday, Susie posted a snapshot of her attending the Fashion Awards in London. It seemed like a celebratory night, but soon after, she posted another photo. This one was of her boyfriend, who has apparently gone missing.

Suzie (who is eight-months pregnant at the moment) announced on Instagram that her boyfriend of 10 years, Steve Salter, has gone his missing. She writes that he has been missing since 10am yesterday (December 5), and that this is “completely uncharacteristic” of him.

The two were supposed to attend the Fashion Awards together last night but he never showed up. Salter, who is a digital editor at i-D magazine, was spotted at Kings Cross train station around 11:50am and didn’t show up to the office at all. His phone is off and he is unreachable.

She also took to Twitter to share the exact items of clothing Salter was last seen wearing. Since the original posting on Instagram she has added an update stating: “Someone fitting Steve’s description and outfit was spotted crossing Waterloo Bridge walking on the Strand towards Trafalgar Sq at approx 12 noon. If you see him please let him know that people are looking for him.”

*Update* Since we posted this story this morning, Susie has sent out an update to her followers stating that Steve has been found. On her Instagram, she writes, “After much searching @steve_salter has now been found at a hospital A and E. I want to thank everyone for sending their love, support, regrams and advice to myself, my friends and my family. I can’t thank you and love you all enough and I’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way) by how the power of social media sped up the process.”

(Photo via Nick Harvey/Getty)