Wedding desserts are typically all about the towering cakes, but that鈥檚 just the tip of the sweets iceberg! Obviously, edible flower cakes and glorious drip versions are to-die-for, but how fun would it be to have fruity ice pops or a cotton candy station instead?! Embrace one of the 14 unique and affordable treats below, and guests will be totally smitten by your playful new take on the traditional.

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Fruit Cup

1. Fruit Cups: Take advantage of your backyard-themed wedding to pull off this simple-yet-adorable dessert. Opt for seasonal fruit in kraft paper cups or mason jars to give your wallet some extra kindness. (via I Love Wednesdays / Ruffled Blog)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Popcorn

2. Popcorn Bar: Was your first date the classic dinner and a movie? Set up a popcorn bar to commemorate where it all began. Deck it out with sweet and savory spices and treats for a poppin鈥 party. (via Ela & the Poppies / Un Beau Jour)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Mews Bellini Prosecco and Peach

3. Boozy Ice Pops: Nothing is better than a boozy brunch 鈥 except maybe a beautiful wedding. When you think about it, there鈥檚 really no reason *not* to merge two of your favorite things with a summertime treat. (via TimeOut)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Cotton Candy Cart

4. Cotton Candy Cart: It鈥檚 sticky, sugary, and brings back sweet memories of the carnival. Add extra whimsy to the fluff by having it whipped up on a chic AF cart like this one. (via Stephanie Todaro Photography / Lauren Conrad)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Donut Hole Tower

5. Tropical Donuts Hole Tower: Pinch us, because this beauty is making all our dessert dreams come true. A donut hole tower topped with pretty faux flowers and palms is sure to have your guests swooning (and chowing down). (via Ben Q. Photography / Design Love Fest)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Mini Cookies and Milk

6. Mini Milk and Cookies: A shot of milk and a cookie chaser? We鈥檙e in. Serve these to your invitees as a late night snack and give the bash its second wind. (via Melissa Schollaert Photography / Style Me Pretty)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Popsicle

7. Fruity Popsicle: These babies are a must if you鈥檙e getting hitched outside in the summer. Bonus points if you make them match perfectly with your already stunning color palette. (via Fabrice Simard / Style Me Pretty)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Mini Pies

8. Mini Pies: End your wedding day with a cherry on top鈥 of mini pies! An array of bite-sized wonders will be a total hit, sans the messy cake and frosting. (via Cluney Photo / Wedding Chicks)

9. Build-Your-Own Ice Cream Cone Station: Forget hiring someone to serve sweet treats. All you need are cones, a couple of scoopers, and some funky ice cream flavors to give your guests the ultimate cool-down.

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Cannoli Tower

10. Cannoli Tower: Scoop up cannoli from your fave local bakery, or just get the shells and make your own unique filling. Mix and match flavors, like pistachio and chocolate chip, so there鈥檚 something for everyone to munch on. (via Goldie & Christine Photography / Junebug Weddings)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Pancakes

11. Pancakes: Is there anything more perfect for a brunch wedding than the most drool-worthy pancake stack ever? We don鈥檛 think so either. Lace the base with a small floral arrangement to give it a pinch of classic wedding vibes 鈥 then pass the syrup. (via Vienna Glenn Photography / Wedding Chicks)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Macaroons

12. Macarons: These bite-sized treats are ideal if you鈥檙e looking for a dainty dessert that鈥檚 light, airy, and not too sugary. And did we mention how photogenic they are? (via Jana Williams / Style Me Pretty)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Smores

13. S鈥檓ores Bar: Elevate the fireside treat a touch with gourmet SmashMallow Cinnamon Churro or Espresso Bean Marshmallows ($4). (via Stacey Hedman / Style Me Pretty)

Budget-Friendly Dessert - Donut Wall

14. Donut Wall: It appears as though a donut wall frenzy has swept through weddings across the nation, so go ahead and get on board with the fun trend! (via Marianne Taylor / Love My Dress)

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