Choosing the right wedding photographer can be kiiiiiinda overwhelming. There are just so many to pick from, and you only get one chance to nail it. Luckily, this is the situation where our social media addiction actually comes in handy. We’ve mastered the Insta scroll, and it’s really paying off. Here are nine amazing wedding photographers you might’ve missed. Just hit that “follow” button and let the inspiration flood your feed. (Now maybe you’ll finally stop having that nightmare where you’re stuck taking your own wedding photos?)

1. Hannah Pickle: Every wedding is different, and Pickle has the uncanny ability to capture the unique vibe of each one. She effortlessly flits back and forth between breathtaking traditional images and off-the-wall, unexpected snaps. (We love both, obvs.)

2. Amber Vickery: We can’t get enough of the unvarnished look of Vickery’s photos. They just feel more intimate than most wedding photography, and every snap is special.

3. ein photography: Sometimes it’s the little moments that mean the most, and ein photography is ridiculously good at capturing exactly those split-seconds you never want to forget.

4. Cappy Hotchkiss: If dreamlike whimsy is your vibe, Cappy Hotchkiss is a must-follow. Her wedding photos are packed with personality — and her travel shots are the icing on the cake.

5. Wild Whim: Kelly Paulson of Wild Whim’s romantic photography is irresistible— and we love the Americana feel that permeates some of our favorite shots.

6. Trevor Mark: A bit of pop-art sensibility sneaks into Trevor Ekanger’s photos, delivering a fresh, modern look we can’t stop staring at.

7. Davello Photography: Mike Davello’s photos really showcase the true colors of his subjects. And from couples that sneak away for a kiss to cheeky bridesmaids, we love every one.

8. Roy Nuesca: This Hawaii-based photographer has us swooning over his quirky, stylish portraits. And he’s not afraid to go there to get the shot — that includes in the water.

9. Wilde Scout Photo Co: A little drama, a little quirkiness, and a major dose of fun is what you can expect from Wilde Scout’s feed. Even the smallest weddings get the royal treatment thanks to Katherine’s stellar eye for style.

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