While some of the holidays we come across on the daily are utterly ridiculous (No Socks Day? Why?!), some are deeply meaningful to all of us here at Brit HQ. National Donut Day is clearly one of those days. From healthy donuts (f’real) to an entire cake made of red velvet ones, we love this pastry very much. And oddly enough, it is TRENDING. So, what’s a website to do but let you feast your eyes on a handful of donut-themed GIFs? ;)

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We hear ya girl, we hear ya.

Shaking foods are a thing.

Need your donut fix but can’t be bothered to chow down?

It’s your new animated donut bestie!

When’s the last time you watched Lazy Sunday? Do it… now.

In Homer’s dreams, the sky rains donuts.

And finally, these guys.

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