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New Year, New Glassware: 23 DIY Ways to Update Your Glassware

Well the holidays are officially over … whah whah :( But it was certainly fun while it lasted … wasn’t it?! We showed you how to pop off the New Year with confetti poppers, knot your way into a new hair style, and hand letter your own cocktail napkins. It’s now time to look to the new year and new fabulous ideas! And there’s no surprise here, we’ve got one for you today. Here are 23 DIY ways to update your glassware. A new year requires some new glassware, don’t you think?!


How to Make Vintage-Inspired Holiday Cups

When it comes to easy-as-pie DIY, this project has all your bases covered. Materials? Two. Project time? 10 minutes. The results? Chic, retro, and totally handmade. It’s what we like to call a win-win-win. Okay, we’ve never used that expression before and we will probably never use it again, but just go with it for now, alright? ;)

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