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selfmade stories 2023

Most Recent

This Founder Is Helping Families On Their Fertility Journeys

Cofertility supports and educates women about donating and freezing their eggs.


We Just Gave Out $25K In Small Business Grants To Women-Founded Startups

Meet the incredible Selfmade founders who shined during our most recent 10-week startup course.


How To Build Community To Organically Grow Your Business

We talk to Selfmade alum Isis Asare about rallying an audience for the first U.S. Black-owned bookstore focused on science fiction and fantasy written for and by Black women


How To Create A Unique Space As An Entrepreneur

Selfmade alum Naomi Castillo on celebrating Latinx representation in the design world.


The Secret To Launching A Successful Podcast

Selfmade Mentors and the sisters behind Creative Cravings have loads of actionable tips!

Most Recent

This Founder Wants To Help Parents Reduce Plastic Toy Waste

Tackling an unsustainable and plastic-heavy toy industry, Carocycle Toys lets you rent more sustainable toys instead.


How This Founder Is Normalizing Periods For Teens While Balancing Family Life

Lift Period subscription boxes will soon launch with period care supplies and empowering messages.


This Founder Is Bringing Hip Hop To Your Friday Night Game Night

University of Dope card game has hip hop fans dueling it out. Unpopular opinions welcome.


This Motivator Wants to Help Entrepreneurs Find Their Spark

The M.E.E Movement founder shares her Selfmade story and her road to motivating, empowering and encouraging women.


These Sisters Found Their Startup Win in Stickers from Asia

Koyun Fan, one half of Sticky Rice Sisters, shares her Selfmade story. Be prepared to be inspired!


This Founder Is Changing the Baby Registry Game

Upbring is a new subscription kit that helps you curate what your baby really needs.