What are your feelings on spelunking? Do you think exploring the depths of dark, damp caves sounds like a nightmare you had last week, or more like you’re one step away from becoming the next cave Magellan? Either way, there are caves in Paris that will appeal to the urban explorer in all of us. Trust us, you’ve never seen anything like it.

An exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo allows visitors to crawl through 180 feet of tunnels and caves made of packing tape… and it should be mentioned: These caves are 20 feet above the ground. We’re kind of pros when it comes to making anything and everything out of every kind of tape, but this is a first even for us.

The installation is called Tape Paris, and from inside the tunnels, or underneath as a viewer, it’s absolutely spectacular. The artists behind this surreal installation are part of the For Use/Numen collective. They’ve been exploring the idea of designing cavernous creations in all kinds of settings, using tape as their only material.

This thing basically looks like an abstract 3D model, but surprisingly, it was made entirely by hand, from concept to execution. If you’re worried that there’s no way that tape tubes can hold a human being, don’t be. The tape is covered in plastic sheeting, and that stuff is STRONG.

The installation may remind you of a MacDonald’s Playland, where kids can crawl through plastic tubes and jump in ball pits, and that’s kind of the idea. The artists don’t want you to just stand around and ponder the meaning of tape as a disposable material. They just want you to crawl in and have a good time.

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(h/t Fast Company)