First things first, have you heard our BIG NEWS?! We launched a line of customizable planners at Target! The collection includes eight different customizable agenda spirals and binders, as well as dozens of sweet accessories — sticky notes, patches, stickers, pocket folders, magnetic inserts, and more. Most of the assortment will be available on starting June 18th, and the entire assortment will be in nearly all Target stores nationwide in early July. This collection is, quite literally, a dream come true for us plan-aholics here at B+C, and we’re absolutely thrilled to see what y’all will do with them. Check out the full Brit + Co Planners collection here!


Because there are so many ways to personalize the planner, we’re here to help you figure out where to start. Maddie here (hey, hi, and hello!), to give you a lil’ tour of how I’ve personalized my own planner and created a custom system of organization that best fits my busy lifestyle.

As a young professional, I’ve got a lot going on. Read: Chock-full work days followed by busy evenings. I like saying “yes” to everything, but that also means I can be easily overwhelmed by my schedule. So I’ve *finally* perfected the formula below to keep track of my work calendar, social engagements, to do lists, and a whole lot more. Scroll on to see why each accessory is VIP to my sanity ;)

Monthly Inserts: I use these inserts for my full schedule at-a-glance. This is where I keep track of my social goings-on, trips, appointments, and so on. I also jot down a few monthly goals. Then I litter the whole thing in adorable stickers because stickers make everything better.

Weekly Inserts: My work schedule lives mostly within these inserts. I can plan down to the hour while stilling see the full week on one page. Again, there’s room for notes, doodles, inspo, and a little to do list.

Daily Inserts: Sometimes, you gotta get granular. This page helps me break down my day hour by hour, and it also has room for a lengthy to-do list. I love that I can add my own dates in (which is true for all three types of inserts, BTW!), because it means I can add these pages *only* when I need them, without wasting paper.

Pocket Folder: AKA Wallet Run-Off. These babies house all of my receipts. I designate one pocket folder to personal receipts and one to receipts I expense to work. I also keep a pocket folder for business cards. The less stuff in my wallet, the better :)

Coloring Page: Not to play favorites, but this is kinda the best feature of the whole B+C Planner Collection. I often bust out these coloring book pages on my commute into work, usually while listening to a podcast. These also come in handy when I need a quick creative break from the work day.

Bonus! When I first got the planner, I added little “fortunes” for myself throughout the inserts. What are these fortunes, you ask? Motivational stickers, inspo quotes, and little mental reminders to help Future Maddie win the day. They’re like little nuggets of encouragement.

What do you think? Call me Type A, but my life has felt much more manageable since I got this planner. I highly recommend, and I’m not just saying that because my dope friends at work designed it :)

Oh, one more thing! As a bonus gift to you, we’re offering a free Brit + Co Online Class for every planner purchased, and an extra discount on classes if you snag some accessories. Look for a scratch-off sticker on the back of the package and redeem online. Choose to learn new skills like calligraphy, photography, or even coding. Neat, huh?

That’s it for today, peeps! Now go on and make big plans :)

Will you be picking up Brit + Co Planners during your next Target run? Let us know on Twitter at @britandco. Show off your personalized planner using the hashtag #BritxTarget across your social media channels! Now go get your life in order!

Production + Styling: Maddie Bachelder

Photography: Kurt Andre + Brittany Griffin