As we move into an era that’s finally starting to dismiss those age-old gender stereotypes, Target has proven to be a big name brand that’s fully embracing this inclusive shift. Back in August of 2015, they got rid of any sort of gender signage in their toy department and today Target has released an extensive collection of kids furniture, bedding and decor that all comes unaccompanied by any sort of gender label.

target pillowfort 3

The collection, titled Pillowfort, consists of 1,200 pieces that are broken down into 12 whimsical themes like Tropical Treehouse, Stellar Station, Floral Field, Modern Mirage and Ocean Oasis.

target pillowfort 6

Obviously, you’ll find things like bedding, pillows and bunk beds, but true to the collection’s adventurous name, you’ll also find quirky items like fun printed teepees, creative plush toys, light-up marquee signs and playful wall art.


The genderless pieces are a dream come true for those expecting parents who have yet to discover their baby’s sex or would just rather not play into the tired old “girls = pink, boys = blue” routine. On a more surprising note, a lot of these pieces could easily be incorporated into an adult home or dorm room. Obviously, the bedding is made for a twin size mattress, but also included in the collection is a super fun unicorn lamp, an ice cream cone garland, a peace sign marquee and colorful pillows. What’s genderless can also be ageless, right?!

target pillowfort 4

Target’s senior vice president of design and product development Julie Guggemos recently told the Star Tribune, “It was an aisle of pink, fairy princesses, ponies and flowers. And for the boys, it was rockets and dinosaurs. Well, you know what? Girls like rockets and basketball. And boys like ponies. Who are we to say what a child’s individual expression is? We really wanted to develop a collection that would be universal.”

target pillowfort 5

Mission accomplished, Target. Whether you’re shopping for your kid or yourself, head to Target on February 21 to shop the game-changing, new line.

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(Photos via Target)