Despite the fact that pics of Taylor Swift and her new bae, Tom Hiddleston, have been popping up for a few weeks now, we鈥檝e still been waiting for that elusive Instagram debut. As the two held hands and kissed their way around the globe, photogs were quick to snap pics, but neither Taylor nor her Instagram-loving #girlsquad had shared any photos themselves, fueling Hiddleswift聽relationship theories galore. If they were really a couple, wouldn鈥檛 they be spotted in each other鈥檚 social feeds? That鈥檚 why it鈥檚 kind of a big deal that Taylor and Tom have made their Instagram intro in two absolutely perfect new photos.

Both taken during Taylor鈥檚 epic Fourth of July celebrations, the photos answer every question we had about where-oh-where Tom was while Tay was sharing proof that she most definitely had a better weekend than the rest of us.

The first, shared on Instagram by Tay鈥檚 BFF Brittany LaManna, shows Brit and her hubby along with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. And there beside them is Taylor and Tom. With the fellas all seated in comfy chairs on the patio, their ladies are cozied up on their laps in an absolutely adorable group photo. While Ryan has his hand gently holding Blake鈥檚 preggo belly, Taylor and Tom stare into each other鈥檚 eyes and *swoon.*

Pretty cool runnings

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The second pic, shared by Cara Delevigne on her Instagram account, shows us more action (and more skin). Enjoying the adult-size inflatable water slide that previously made an appearance in Tay鈥檚 own pics (and that just looks like so much fun), two of Taylor鈥檚 ladies bring up the rear of a train that includes Taylor with her arms and legs wrapped around a shirtless Tom (damn, Loki, those abs!).

Now THAT鈥橲 how to make an Instagram debut.

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(Photos via @britmaack, @caradelevingne + Frederick M. Brown/Getty)