It seemed like as quickly as Tay and Calvin Harris played out their breakup via social media, the 1989 songstress supreme was spotted on vacation with hunky English actor Tom Hiddleston. It seemed like Harris didn鈥檛 take the news too well, deleting every mention of Tay from his social account while everyone鈥檚 new favorite couple, Hiddleswift, was born. While we鈥檝e spent the last two weeks watching the Tom-Tay romance unfold around the world, there have been a growing number of conspiracy theories as to why this is happening at all. The newest of these fan-driven theories is a doozy: That Tom and Taylor are basically trolling everyone for a new music video.

Here鈥檚 what we know. Way back in May, Taylor and Tom were dancing at the Met Gala, but she and Calvin were definitely still an item. Then, in June, Tay and Calvin Harris split up, and a mere two weeks later, Taylor was spotted on the beach with Tom. You still with us? Okay. Now, Tay-Tay fans know that she tends to release a new record every two years. And her last record, 1989, came out 鈥 you guessed it 鈥 two years ago. She also tends to lead up to album releases with a music video that she drops months before the album. So here鈥檚 where it gets weird.


Folks are speculating that Tom鈥檚 starring role in the AMC miniseries The Night Manager is likely going to net him an Emmy nom. The Emmys are in September, which is when we would expect Tay鈥檚 video drop for a late-fall album release. This would give Tom an added boost in celebrity while promoting Tay鈥檚 new single, and play off the pair鈥檚 well-orchestrated buzz.


Here鈥檚 another thing: Every single photo that we鈥檝e seen of the couple has been taken by a paparazzi agency, leading fans to think that Tay herself has hired the photogs for the not-so-secret snaps. Finally, we know Tay loves themes and breakup albums, and that she really really loves Beyonc茅, so some think this entire setup is part of a larger performance piece about how relationships can be destroyed by celebrity, the 鈥榬azzi and so on.

Whether it鈥檚 true love or a true scam, one thing鈥檚 for sure: We love watching the whole thing unfold.

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(h/t Buzzfeed; photos via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty + Splash News)