It鈥檚 been almost three months since Taylor Swift reemerged from hiding and started teasing her new album, Reputation. In the time since, we鈥檝e heard four singles and seen two videos 鈥 and spent a LOT of time theorizing about what, exactly, they all mean. Now, the full album is finally here, and as expected, people dropped what they were doing to listen to it the second it came out.

#reputation is out. Let the games begin.

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As soon as Swift made Reputation available on download services, talk about the album immediately took over social media. The reaction from critics so far has been overall favorable, and to fans, naturally, Swift can do no wrong. Here are some of the best reactions so far.

1. NOT, It Turns Out, 鈥溾eady for It.鈥 The singer dropped the album a little earlier than its expected midnight release, and it caught some fans off guard. 鈥淚T鈥橲 EARLY I AM NOT READY,鈥 one fan tweeted, while another expected to have already finished writing a paper that was due at same time as the release 鈥 only to start panicking.

2. The Taylor Takeover: This GIF from the 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 video feels so, so accurate.

3. Respecting Reputation Time: Some people requested complete and utter silence while listening for the first time, which we totally get.

4.Apples and Oranges: Naturally, people compared Reputation to Tay鈥檚 last album, 1989, describing it as the 鈥渃ool, sexier older sister that likes to get blackout drunk on weekends, but still gets straight A鈥檚 in all of her classes.鈥

5. Out With the Old: Fans even got the hashtag #Goodbye1989 trending, highlighting their favorite moments from the past few years and giving the monumental album a proper sendoff.

6. The Good and the Bad: Reputation has its harder-edged songs and its softer ballads, and fans are embracing ALL of it.

7. The Baby Haim Seal of Approval: The song that was so sexy it reportedly caused Swift鈥檚 parents to leave the room is on repeat for youngest Haim sister Alana.

8. Shots. Fired: Some are comparing the album to Katy Perry鈥檚 Witness, a HUGE diss given the long-standing rivalry between the pop stars.

9. That鈥檚 a Rap: The sole collaboration on the album got a lot of attention, with Ed Sheeran鈥檚 rapping skills being both slammed and celebrated.

10. Nonstop Hits: 鈥淚鈥檓 only on track five and I鈥檝e had to say to myself, 鈥榥o THIS is my favorite鈥 three times already,鈥 one fan said.

11. No Time for Haters: True Swifties are NOT here for people who aren鈥檛 into the album.

12. A Newer, Edgier Taylor: Nevermind the killer 鈥淚f a man talks s**t then I owe him nothing鈥 lyric 鈥 TAYLOR SWORE and fans are hung up on it.

13. Old Taylor, Bye: She told us the old Taylor was dead, and the more Reputation reveals itself, the truer it gets.

14. Our Weekend Plans: Honestly same.

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