Kids of the ’90s rejoice! It’s Thursday once again, which can only mean one thing: time to ‘gram that #TBT of your five-year-old self rocking a neon jumpsuit. You know we love to celebrate the best of the ’90s every chance we get. From throwback DIYs to retro style, we’ve got your IRL guide to this TBT.

1. DIY Lisa Frank Sticker iPhone Case: It doesn’t get much more sticky-sweet than Lisa Frank. Take your smartphone back with this adorable Mod Podge project. (via Fancy Made)

2. The Modern Pin Curl: Throw it wayyy back with this Hollywood glam hairdo. With curls like these, a #TBT selfie is totally acceptable. (via Brit + Co.)

3. ASOS Large Stone Mood Ring ($19): Keep the mystery alive with this ’90s girl staple. Bigger and better than before, we bet you’ll be purple with L-O-V-E.

4. Classic Fondue Recipe: Throwback bonding, anyone? Make this delicious dip with friends for a whole new way to “share” your TBT. (via Food52)

5. Moxi Roller Skates ($180): Practice fashion and fitness with these lovable skates. With their retro style and pastel colors, we think they’re worth the splurge for some summer throwback fun.

6. Reading Rainbow Kickstarter: We couldn’t resist the nostalgia of the potential Reading Rainbow Revival. LeVar Burton may just be a TBT for generations to come with the success of this new crowdsourcing campaign. (via Kickstarter)

7. Kate Spade Jelly Sandals ($78): There’s a new use of the word “jealy” these days, and it applies perfectly to these craveable Kate Spade sandals.

8. Custom Designed Cootie Catchers ($25): Charming and quirky, these custom-made cootie catchers inspire both grade school flashbacks and DIY inspo.

9. Rock That Scrunchie: Can we all give in and admit that scrunchies are a ’90s girl’s guilty pleasure? Great. Now that we’re all on common ground, scrunch it up. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Heart Shaped Glasses ($18): These specs are both on-trend and vintage-inspired. Not to be worn without a throwback vibe and, of course, a smile.

11. Impossible Instant Lab ($200): Raise your hand if your first camera was a Polaroid. The retro joy of instant prints is relived through the Impossible Project, the result of a recent Kickstarter campaign.

12. A Sparkling Updo: Tasteful glitter does exist. No need to deny yourself the joy of a little sparkle. Just add a touch to your top knot for a fun and girlish look. (via A Subtle Revelry)

13. The Here and Now ($11): Remember spending summers tucked away in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series? Anne Brashare broke 2014 with her latest young adult novel, and we’re intrigued.

14. DIY Stationery: Spark the nostalgia of passing your bestie a note in between classes. Get crafty with these adorable stationery ideas, and make someone’s day. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

15. Mmmhops Hanson Brothers Beer Company ($11): This is not a drill. We dare you to find a better way to #TBT than jamming to Mmmbop and tossing back an Mmmhops.

How do you celebrate TBT IRL? Let us know in the comments below!