Nothing’s off limits when it comes to pumpkin carving inspiration, including all things tech. From iconic brand logos and Internet memes to totally tricked out possibilities, these 12 pumpkins show you what happens when you give a geek a carving knife. ;)

1. Apple Pumpkin: It’s one of the most recognizable logos of the digital generation, so we’re certain that this Mac-o’-lantern will receive tons of geeky gawking. As you can see in the second image, we paid tribute to Apple last year with our very own no-carve design. (via OS X Daily)

2. Android Pumpkin: Show off your smartphone pride with this pumpkin design. Plus you can’t deny the cuteness of this round robot! (via Talk Android)

3. Tetris Pumpkin: Can anything top the sheer genius of this fully playable Tetris pumpkin? We’ve ogled it for more than a year now, and it still holds up as one of the greats. (via This Is Colossal)

4. “Like” Pumpkin: If checking your Facebook feed is a part of your daily (or hourly) routine, then you’ll definitely “like” this pumpkin! (via Nick Roshon)

5. QR Code Pumpkin: We’re pretty nuts about the concept of this QR code pumpkin. But the best part? It really works! If your carving skills are up to par, that is. What a great way to engage digitally-minded trick or treaters this year. Related: people who use QR codes. (via QR Code Artist)

6. Stock Ticker Pumpkin: This scrolling LED panel flashes daily updates from Wall Street, and it’s worth taking note even if you’re not stock market-obsessed. Since electronics can be programmed to update just about anything, we’d go for something more fun like what’s trending on Twitter. (via Dvice)

7. Twitter Fail Whale: Speaking of Twitter, behold its hilarious “fail whale” in pumpkin form. This design is sure to cast away epic carving fails. (via Geek Art Gallery)

8. Emoticon Pumpkin: They’re fun. They’re flirty. They’re emoticons! We’re guilty of using these wacky faces in our posts (we make a lot of silly puns), so we’re all for carving a playful wink into a pumpkin this season. ;) (via NGills)

9. Pumpkin Computer: We only have one question about this crazy pumpkin computer—is it a trick…or is it a treat? (via Across the Board)

10. Laser Pumpkin: Bring the laser light show to your next Halloween party with these beaming jack-o’-lanterns! No high-tech haunted house will be complete without one! (via Instructables)

11. Remote Control LED Pumpkin: This year, why not upgrade from candles to remote controlled LED pumpkin lights? Pretend like you’re casting a black magic spell by turning on the lights inside your pumpkin from up to 20 feet away! (via Williams-Sonoma)

12. Grumpy Cat Carved Pumpkin: If you’re just not that into Halloween and all it’s ghostly frills, why not show it by carving your pumpkin in the shape of the grumpiest face known to the entire Internet! (via ReBloggy)

Which tech-themed pumpkin is your favorite? Are there any geeky pumpkins out there that we missed? Share the link in the form below!