Have you been geeking out ever since you were a toddler? Perhaps in part due to your Dad's penchant for all the latest gadgetry, the clunky Apple IIc your entire family shared, and your obsession with Star Wars everything? Us too. That's why this Father's Day we're turning our attention to the best gifts for the dorkiest dads around. (Bonus: These are all available on Amazon!)

1. Solar Charging iPad Case ($190): Solar power rules, and your Dad loves using his iPad. Take advantage of summertime sunshine with this solar charging iPad case. Best of all, it includes an extra USB port so he can charge his smartphone too!

2. LifeSpan Treadmill Desk ($1,300): If your Dad's still a workaholic, it might be time to gather your siblings together and splurge on a treadmill desk for papa bear. It will keep him healthier, more active, and he'll still get all his work done.

3. Retro Pop iPhone Handset ($20): Because your pops misses his analog landline. We've got one of these in purple (seen in our Fresh Princess of Weduary video) and can attest that one Brit & Co. team member's dad can't get enough of it. ;)

4. Egg and Muffin Toaster: Does your dad love whipping up breakfast on Sunday mornings? Make his job a wee bit easier with this egg and muffin toaster. After all, two-in-one is kind of the new black.

5. Electric Martini Mixer ($48): We think this is on the ridiculous side, as shaking a martini is half the fun of drinking one, but for dads who love a well-gadgeted bar, this one's a keeper.

6. Wireless Earbuds ($99): Maybe he loves rocking out to the Stones as he cleans out the gutters? Make household chores a little bit easier (and safer) with a set of wireless, bluetooth-enabled ear buds. He can even use them for chatting on the phone!

7. Card Survival Kit ($16): Here's whats up. This wallet-friendly card kit includes a serrated knife, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a whistle, an 8X power lens, a compass, tweezers and a toothpick. Perfect for the modern boy scout.

8. Grill + Fondue Pot ($35): Remember when your parents told you fondue parties were cool in the 70s? While we love melted cheese, we're not totally sold. This grill-meets-fondue pot is the perfect compromise. Check out our grill roundup for more innovative ways to BBQ this summer.

9. Darth Vader CD Player ($70): Prepare yourself for a lot of "_______, I am your faaaa–ther" as soon as you give this to your dad. Definitely a garage, office, or man cave item.

10. Polaroid Z340 ($250): If your dad misses the physical print satisfaction of old school Polaroid cameras but also wants the ability to email photos to friends and family, the Polaroid Z340 is a perfect gift.

11. Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad ($170): Sometimes grownups (we're not grownups yet, right?) can't quite get the teeny tiny keyboard thing on their smartphones. Plus lasers are cool. The Magic Cube connects with iPhones and iPads to project a full size keyboard onto any surface.

12. Emergency Fire Starter ($4): For the most part, Dads are all about camping trips and being prepared for anything. This pocket-sized emergency fire starter is a great chotchkie for Dad, just in case those stormproof matches from the 80s have run out of juice.

Where are your favorite online places to shop for your dad? Know of any great gadgets we should add to our list? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter. Happy Father's Day!