This season of The Bachelorette ended in a dramatic finale last night, when Rachel Lindsay finally revealed she’s *SPOILER* engaged to Bryan Abasolo. As we saw on Monday, the decision didn’t come easily for her — there were a lot of tears and not quite enough lash glue.

The show toggled back and forth between the pre-taped finale and present-day Lindsay watching the events unfold in the studio, and she gave us some insight into those fraught final days with the finalists.

As happy as she was to receive that pear-shaped Neil Lane ring from Abasolo, she was sad to let Peter Kraus go. So sad, in fact, that during their last conversation, she revealed she “cried her eyelashes off.” Not only that, but she didn’t take the emotional evidence with her. Kraus admitted, “I walked past your eyelashes on the floor for two days.”

Not surprisingly, fans had a lot of feelings about Lindsay’s final choice, but they also had some hilarious reactions to this eyelash story:

Never change, Twitter.

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(Photos via ABC)