Considering the Bachelor’s Ben Higgins just called off his wedding to Lauren Bushnell, you might not think he’d be the best source for relationship advice. However, considering he and his bae are apparently in a totally happy place after their nixed nuptials, that may in fact prove that he’s doing something right. That’s why you’ll definitely want to check out his five top proposal tips.

Chatting with Us, Ben had some pretty solid advice for popping the question. The first two tips are kinda obvious, but totally important, to say the least.

1. Make sure that your heart is ready to commit.

2. Make sure that your partner is ready to commit.

#3 continues the commitment theme, and considering Ben has recently been dealing with wedding woes, we can’t say this is surprising.

3. Recognize that you are committing to your partner no matter what.

The fourth tip focuses on the big question itself and how to pop it.

4. Make the proposal romantic and fun.

While the final piece of advice assumes that the answer is “YES!” and suggests a suitable reaction.

5. After popping the question, celebrate!

Definitely good advice.

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