Another week, another brand new product served up by the team at Brit + Co. Wait, what now? Yeah that’s right. In case you missed it earlier this week, we launched a brand new publishing tool that empowers our community (read: YOU) to create your very own posts (think roundups, DIY tutorials, and recipes) and publish them to Brit + Co. To get on the list to make your first post, sign up right here. Need some inspiration before you start rounding up your favorite things? Well, that’s what the BritList is for! :)

1. What the F is My Wearable Strategy?: First up, this has to be one of the funniest single-serving websites we’ve seen in a while. Want to get in on the wearable trend? This site’s got a strategy for you.

2. Put Baby in the Corner… Lamp: On the list, simply because it’s the best name for a lamp… ever.

3. Animated Portraits: Love the partially animated quality of these portraits by Romain Laurent.

4. Beats Music App: Admittedly, I downloaded this about 10 minutes after launch simply because I had to see what an app that’s named after headphones and part of a company owned by Dr. Dre was all about. Like other music apps it’s got a lot of albums in the archive. What’s different is the curated playlists, recommendations specifically for you, and the ability to turn a sentence into a playlist. We’ll report back after we’ve used it for a few more weeks.

5. Present Day Clueless: Our favorite quotes from Clueless, reworked for the present day. Genius.

6. Beer-Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Beans: According to Jelly Belly, “Our fans have been asking for a beer Jelly Bean for years.” WHO on earth has been making this request? While we love the novel innovation, this sounds pretty weird. And they’re not even alcoholic!

7. Laptop Bag and Workstation in One: How cool is this bag? It’s a sleek laptop bag that unfolds into a portable workstation. Great for worker bees who travel frequently.

8. Storq: Launched just this week, a brand new maternity line for the modern mom-to-be. The collection is packaged into bundles that are super affordable. The clothing bundle ($75) includes a skirt, tank, dress, and leggings, and is designed to fit for your entire pregnancy. (Full disclosure: The founder, Courtney Klein, has been my bff since high school!)

9. Graphic Paintings by Adam Daily: This is like a sonic boom of color. #obsessed

10. SJP Unveils Her Shoe Collection: No, not the collection of shoes in her closet, but an actual shoe line designed by our darling Carrie Bradshaw!

11. Full House Reunion: And finally, one of many Super Bowl commercial teasers. If only a Full House Reunion was for real…

What made you look online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.