Ladies and dudes, it’s Friday! Woot woot!! It’s been another awesome week here at Brit HQ, from deliciously cheesy nacho cups to glowing geek chic gowns we’re still going gaga over. Of course, there’s always a collection of things that can’t quite make it into our more conventional posts. For those things and more, there’s the BritList.

1. Fake Internet Girlfriend: Straight from the website: Step 1: Define your perfect girlfriend. Step 2: We bring her to life. Step 3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social networking site.

2. Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden: Located in Brazil, this gorgeous wall of planters was made from recycled plastic bottles. Go green!

3. Video Game China: Don’t scroll so fast there. Take a closer look and you’ll see these typical-looking English dishes actually have a video game theme! Awesome.

4. Nordic Sunrise Hobo Purse: Textiles, colors, and general cuteness. Style win.

5. Boldomatic: Does the picture not quite say all you need it to? Maybe you want to turn your Instagram feed into a series of snarky witticisms instead of antique-looking pictures of food? Boldamatic’s the new app for you. It’s a simple app that lets you type any message you want, choose a colored background, and post to social media. The less deep your thought, the better.

6. Maddie on Tour: We’re pretty in love with Maddie and the photo series Maddie on Things shot by her loving owner Theron. And now they’re going on tour! So cute.

7. IP Address Color Palettes: Need a new desktop wallpaper? Or just wonder how your IP address looks in color form?

8. Honeycomb Card Case: Love the honeycomb shape of these card cases.

9. Help, I’m Horny: Remember Help, I Have the Flu? The app that tells you who of your Facebook friends to stay away from to avoid the flu? Well, the folks at Help are at it again, and this time they’re out to help the horny. You have to fill out a pretty hilarious survey to get the product yourself, or just head a your local boutique hotel.

10. U-Socket USB Wall Plug: It’s time to modernize your outlets with this handy USB plug. Now Quirky just needs to make their version in every color ;)

11. Harlem Shake Easter Egg: Step 1: Turn on audio. Step 2: Click Step 3: Watch for at least 30 seconds. Step 4: WINNING!

12. CakeVase: It’s a cake… with flowers in it! Seriously though.

13. Lumio: This adorable thing is a portable book lamp that can be arranged in a whole bunch of different shapes. With up to 8 hours of light per charge, we’re pretty in love with Lumio.

14. BAR10DER: A Swiss Army knife for bartending? Sign us up! This new best friend of yours is packed with 10 essential tools for making any cocktail under the sun.

15. Portable Pharma-see Light: Speaking of portable lights, how cute are these little pills?

Bonus gif of the Lumio!! Winning!

What goodness have you seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.