Happy Friday dear readers! It’s been another bright summery week here at Brit HQ, and we’re getting pumped up for August. As we continue on the path of ice cream obsession, we’ve explored semifreddo bites, fruity granitas, and an ice cream cake that involves brownies, moose tracks, and pirouline cookies. Of course, we’ve always got room for a few more goodies. We hope you enjoy this week’s accidentally-’90s edition of the BritList.

1. The ’90s Button: It’s a button that causes you to have a visual seizure and also takes you back to the ’90s. What’s not to like? Every time you hit the button, you’re served a music video from our favorite decade. Well done Internet, well done.

2. Map Glassware: These pretty pieces of glassware make great gifts for just about any occasion – you could even make a whole set based on the different cities you’ve lived in.

3. Famous Dudes Rocking Lisa Frank: Um. WHAT? This might be the best Buzzfeed roundup to date. It’s a whole bunch of photos of famous dudes wearing Lisa Frank apparel. Amazing.

4. Internet-Themed Crayons from the ’90s: I guess we’re on a serious ’90s kick today? Or all the time… In any case, how awesomely named are these crayons? What is World Wide Web Yellow? Point & Click Green?

5. TV + Camera Head Necklaces: These quirky necklaces made us giggle for sure. A fun gift for techie fashionistas.

6. Sauvignon Blanc Kettle Corn: But why? We’re going to have to order some to see what the deal is, but we’re questioning this commitment to making everything taste like wine.

7. Stylish Striped Inflatable Furniture: Need more floats in your life? Or just looking for some comfy summer furniture? We’re not sure how they managed to do it, but these inflatable goods actually look chic.

8. Ice Cream Bean Bag: But why, oh why, does an ice cream FLOAT not exist yet?

9. Cartan Cocktail Napkins: Anthropologie is known for gorgeous textiles in all shapes and sizes, and these napkins are the latest goodies to catch our eye.

10. Fixed Camera Stands for Tourist Selfies: Genius! Arm beautiful lookout points with tables built for setting up a self-timer on your camera or smartphone. We love it!

Bonus! Jared Leto Reblogged One of Our Posts: Or as we like to call him, Jordan Catalano. I think we can head pretty happily into our weekend now that our favorite hunk from the ’90s (besides JTT, of course) knows about our website.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online lately? Talk to us in the comments below.