When we say ridiculously awesome, we mean ridiculous, awesome, and ridiculously awesome. Who knew that floats came in the shape of alligators and watermelons? But why, oh why, does an ice cream float float not exist yet? Now, we just need to find a pool…!

1. Joust ($30): We’ll kick things off with a little American Gladiator action. We are not convinced that the folks modeling this are in a real pool, but these look like a good part of a DIY summer Olympics.

2. Giant Pillow Floats ($250): Miss the trend of waterbeds? Okay, we don’t either but these look super comfy for a lazy summer day.

3. Corn Hole Pool Edition ($40): If you haven’t played corn hole (also known as bags and baggo), it’s time to get on it. It’s a great lawn game, and is easy to play with a beer in hand. And, because games are obviously more fun when they float, we’re all over this option.

4. Giant Inflatable Swan ($39): Anyone else thinking of Björk’s infamous swan dress?

5. Floating Poker (contact for pricing): We particularly love the noodle chairs featured in this poker scene.

6. Port O Pong ($50): Yep, this is real and it is a must for summer parties. Beer pong that floats!

7. Floating Fridge ($65): Of course, how can you properly play pool games without refreshments? This fridge’ll store all the bevvies you need.

8. Watermelon, Pretzel, and Donut Floats ($28-$40): Though we’d rather eat a piece of watermelon, a soft pretzel, and a donut (yes, all at once), we dig these whimsical floats.

9. Floating Jungle Gym ($2,000): That price tag is for real, and it comes from none other than our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer!

10. Bean Bag Float ($170): Now this is bean bag we can get behind.

11. Floating Pool Pong Table ($75): Ping pong is awesome, whether floating or on land. We love the idea of playing this right next to floating beer pong.

12. Multi-Game Gameboard ($50): On the more random side, this float lets you play checkers and backgammon while submerged.

13. Water Hammock Chair Float ($80): Though we love making a floating chair out of two noodles, this is a serious upgrade.

14. Gigantic Water Slide ($9,000): Another zinger from Hammacher Schlemmer. This is like a slip n slide on major steroids. We have no idea who is in the market for this, but we really want to find that person, become their best friend, and hang out on their floating water slide.

15. Giant Ring Toss Pool Game ($50): Again, what is the deal with Urban Outfitters’ fake pool backdrop? But… this does look really fun.

16. Cooler Couch ($80): The description of this includes the following sentence: “No more trips from the pool to the fridge!” While it looks more like a pool lazy boy than a couch, this would make for some serious relaxation.

17. Aqua Floating Table ($400): Chairs, a table, and a cooler in the middle? Just make sure you get up and out of the pool when nature calls.

18. Bolo Ball Ladder Game ($30): We’ve never head of bolo ball, but we’re all for playing obscure games in the pool :)

19. T-Rex Float ($37): True story: One Brit + Co. staffer does a killer T-Rex impression. We just want to see her do it on a T-Rex float!

20. Relaxation Station ($100): Mellow out on the lake, on the pool, or even in your backyard with this inflatable living room.

21. Blue Lagoon Floating Island ($246): Okay, we take that back. THIS is an inflatable living room and even has two separate rooms.

22. Inflatable Alligator ($25): At 5 feet tall, this alligator is the same height as the author of this article!

What’s your favorite float on this list? Seen any others that we should check out? Talk to us in the comments below.